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saturday 02/10/2010

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This applies to anyone who has APPLIED to D0S, or wishes to apply, but has not yet found a place in Ultimate D0S: Game #2 (apoligies if you recieve this message multiple times).

There is one FINAL place available for Ultimate D0S: Game #2 as I bought back a place from SkunkJoe

Heres how its going to work: Anyone who wants the place, put an annonymous card in my private sales for 50 clintz. I will check back in 24 hours (approx) and the highest valued card will get the place. Don't put a card worth more than 10,000 clintz (unless you REALLY REALLY want the place) because its not worth any more than that, at this stage. Will will begin the game shortly after this has occured. BEST OF LUCK.

friday 01/10/2010

France charges tax in their meals, and neglects to mention it to tourists.
Just a heads up.

thursday 30/09/2010

Ive got great prizes with a fair deck format system so even low level players could win smiley

wednesday 29/09/2010

tuesday 28/09/2010

sunday 26/09/2010

One more person OMG smileysmileysmileysmiley

Will be awesome event with lotso fun smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

thursday 23/09/2010


which guild is now really the best guild of the world ?

i maked a mistake with hold 2% for myself, but i donate El Gringo

Join this event now to be Famous with your guild !!

1o1al of 10k

wednesday 22/09/2010


Good Luck smiley

I think this thread clearly became epic but it's time to close it. smiley

here is the Link caus i forgot to post it in the beginingsmiley


Your deck can only have ether Vortex or Jungo.
No 5* cards alowed
Your deck must contain 25*
Your deck must contain 8 cards
Elo banned cards are also banned here

1- Miss Chloe
2- Eyrton
3- Sunder

tuesday 21/09/2010

Necro Thread ?

That's last year contest and the winners had been named and received their prizes already. I think we can close it...


Enter the event where you have to prove to the others, you can master 2* cards. It's free and you can win prizes smiley

monday 20/09/2010


event: 34261

An old event, in the rule of art

Anyone interested?

Just a wee bump to say that this starts tomorrow (21st September), and the jackpot is currently 1140 to be split - a few more entrants and we'll be laughing. smiley

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