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sunday 19/09/2010

Err yeah but it is still amazing.

Close mods.

saturday 18/09/2010


So far we have 3 participants. Hope to get a few more. The more people, the bigger the jackpot.

friday 17/09/2010

And the winner is (or would be if this were real):
#1 Eyrik
#2 Enzo
#3 Tomas
#4 Greow
#5 Gil

Thanks, all for a successful (if pointless) event.

As for the lottery, here are the winners:
1. Hollow Chigo wins 6,422 Clintz
2. Shikora_LW wins 2,470 Clintz
3. gutennagen wins 988 clinz and Cliff
4. Donmarchetto wins Askai
5. 6-Kiarash-6 wins Heegrn
6. WMD I-X-L-R-8 wins Malmoth
7. OwnageToYou wins Nanook
8. 0asimple-TCGA wins Elvira
9. (SDG)jujo86 wins Gibson
10. wasteroftime wins Bodenpower

wednesday 15/09/2010

This is an event to show players that top 5 decks do not need to be expensive
The cheapest deck that scores the highest amount of points in a DT wins bragging rights

Chat in the English Section
Post your deck, your finishing position and your finishing amount of points in the French Section


Trying something different.
You can only use this deck for the event deleted.
All the characters have the same ability i.e. Power=Power Opp. So it will definitely be a fun event to play.
I am looking for atleast 20 players.
The link for the event.

tuesday 14/09/2010

Mods close please...thanks Damon.

monday 13/09/2010

Come on ppl join up!!

Ok, the winner is HxH killua

cards sent.
i'll close this one now

sunday 12/09/2010

Nai,sosta katalavate!!!!!!!! To proto kai monadiko event gia Ellines einai kai pali edo me skopo na anadeixei tous kaliterous Ellines pehtes tou Urban Rivals kai na harisei ametrites stigmes sinarpastikon agonon kai monomahion....ONLY GREEKS!!!

18 spots left
join up people

Thanks you can delete or close this now

friday 10/09/2010

Another card has been added so keep joiningsmiley

Keep coming!

thursday 09/09/2010

40 submissions have been entered so far. Additional 5K prizes have been added to the 2nd-5th place finishers.

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