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friday 08/10/2010

Okay, I'm going to end this here and now, as I am quitting UR (temporarily) in a week or less. The answers to the ones remaining were:

6. Well, great for us! We have the weak Sentinel clan defending us, along with La Junta, a clan who could be formidable but (warning: famous american stereotype ahead) happen to be FRENCH. How could I know that? (How?????)

Bryan has a mention in his bio, the green berets are the french army (or special ops, not quite sure).

10. The hand Ambre-Kolos-General Cr-Emeth is nowhere near unbeatable, though scary. This challenge is one of speed- Who can make a preset which could beat that hand? Post the preset link here, you do not need to have been the one to make it.

Yeah, this could be any preset. I personally would go Ambre- Kolos - Lyse Teria - Lyse Teria.


All Hallow's Eve

One round, beginning Monday. This is not intended to be a mass-brawl, but it is a one-round, high score event.

NOTE - Deck requirements, Scoring Rules

thursday 07/10/2010


1. 50% del montepremi + Geuner Cr donata da me
2. 30% del montepremi + Page Cr donata da TA-Shooter + Tomas donata da TA_Sosa77
3. 20% del montepremi + Terry Cr donata da TA-Razziatore + Graff donata da TA-kappei
4. Hikiyousan donata da ta-emilio + Donnie donata da B3nd3R69 + Lehane donata da Mieticarte
5. Chill donata da TA_Razziatore + Nistarok donato da TA_Fack_IT + Corvus donata da TA_Las_Noch3s
6. Anibal donato ta TA-cipri13 + Chiara donata da TA-cipri13 + Vladimir donata da TA_Zermeth
7. Bodenpower donata da UoS- Arjuna - + Erpeto donata da Mr TNT + Loocio donata da sam14aladx
8. Kati donata da O The Best + Bree donata da Zanna94 + Lehane donata da PeteTheRipper
9. Nanook donata da Ichigo_Vizard + Wayne Stark donata da O Royale + Uxoh donata da TA-Lizard
10. Sunder e Janice donate da RAX93 + Aldo donata da 0 R3v3ng3

wednesday 06/10/2010

Since there's not much going on i would like to offer 1 free spot for a player who will bring at least one friend in.
Your friend still has to donate cards.
You should pm your friend's name BEFORE he donates cards.
I will offer only 1 free spot, so if there's more than 1 pair of players - the ones with the best donations wins.
You got a bit more than 24 hours before that option is closed, so hurry up!

And only 3 spots left btw.

tuesday 05/10/2010

"Listen up, men. Those monsters have already surrounded the castle. It’s only a matter of time until they break through our gates. I've already received word that reinforcements from Ravenwood are on their way... However... It'll take them weeks before they get here... We have to hold out until then... If fate wants us to die, so be it... But before we go, let's give these abominations hell! TO BATTLE STATIONS!!"- Unknown Officer

deleted ( http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=35115 )

This is a team versus team event. Here are some details of the event.

Entry fee: 2K (max of 32 players)

Prizes to be won: (donations are accepted)
Jackpot Distribution:
82% winning team
13% a random participant
5% Kate

High Scoring Players:
1st: Kolos
2nd: Wee Lee, Amiral Py Cr
3rd: Lost Hog, Pan


Read the rules. Pretty explanatory. smiley

monday 04/10/2010

16 people thus far keep on joining it! smiley

One spot left before I start the event!! LAST CHANCE

Depends on the event, creator choses tht... humm and think not a needed topic... humm

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=35041 or deleted join up and tell your friends. I'll do the draw sometime tomorrow.

sunday 03/10/2010

parfois gagner c est trop dur et c est stressant alors voici enfin l evnt qu on attendait il faut juste perdre pas besoin de reflechir on fait son deck et joue bien un pricipe amusant un prix convenable et un jackpot qui peut devenir enorme sa ne tient qu a vous


Only 15 spots in this event, and matches begin on October 20, or when all available spots are filled.

Everyone will be on a team against me in a Type 2 match. Once the smoke has cleared, everyone who won will split the jackpot with me, the losers will go home beaten and bruised. If everyone beats me (and I don't win a single match), Team Everyone will split the jackpot without me.

Acceptance will be on a first come first serve basis, so don't wait!

saturday 02/10/2010

pick a box number 7 or something

1000 clintz entry fee
16 spots
pick a number between 1 and 16 that hasn't been chosen
win the jackpot

oshitsune goes to the player that can recruit the most

8 messages

This applies to anyone who has APPLIED to D0S, or wishes to apply, but has not yet found a place in Ultimate D0S: Game #2 (apoligies if you recieve this message multiple times).

There is one FINAL place available for Ultimate D0S: Game #2 as I bought back a place from SkunkJoe

Heres how its going to work: Anyone who wants the place, put an annonymous card in my private sales for 50 clintz. I will check back in 24 hours (approx) and the highest valued card will get the place. Don't put a card worth more than 10,000 clintz (unless you REALLY REALLY want the place) because its not worth any more than that, at this stage. Will will begin the game shortly after this has occured. BEST OF LUCK.

friday 01/10/2010

France charges tax in their meals, and neglects to mention it to tourists.
Just a heads up.

thursday 30/09/2010

Ive got great prizes with a fair deck format system so even low level players could win smiley

wednesday 29/09/2010

tuesday 28/09/2010

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