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thursday 29/07/2010

There is a delay between your current score and when the standings get updated

wednesday 28/07/2010

Its advertised on each of our guild message boards my good friend.smiley

tuesday 27/07/2010

monday 26/07/2010

Hi, everyone! I created an event to celebrat my birthdaysmiley


sunday 25/07/2010

The ony way to be in the event on your i phone is if you r curently in it on the computer which means if u leave the room to go do a tournament and then go bak ot the event u cant untill u get bak near your computer.

saturday 24/07/2010

Im interested Post me a message, ll try and get people in, post me details

friday 23/07/2010

Need more members and I have to think about my deck . . .

thursday 22/07/2010

A Dalhia 0xp be given the greatest donor thank you
if I have alot of donations (about giving more 20donateurs 1000c) I add a full Zatman xp won from among all donors

Awesome Lottery, a guy is giving away his entire collection and if the jackpot hits enough, pandalicious will be donating some Cr's to the pot. please join this event: MY birthday lotto!!! but after it it's bye until frog comes back blame him for getting godawful grades and me for being so crazy

if the pot reaches high enough i will be donating my Vickie Cr as well

tuesday 20/07/2010

Only 3 more people can join

monday 19/07/2010

It happened again!
2nd time..
So Hard to find an opponent if you're undefeated and a High level in TQ smiley

Theres already a thread for this

Yeah sorry about that i hate my computer

sunday 18/07/2010


All about apples..

Top prize is Oshitsune at the moment, more prizes to be added! Only 500 clintz to enter!

saturday 17/07/2010

Up, c'mon guys, the event will start on september i think so you'll have august for your holidays smiley

thursday 15/07/2010

What happend to the July 12th elo? Has anyone gotten prizes back from that?

This is now Closed but stay tuned for more !

wednesday 14/07/2010

Gardevoir Only
You must have Gardevoir, gallade, ralts or kirlia to be allowed into the event and to win the lotto. Aswell as a image of any of them.

Enjoy this lotto. smiley

Can I bet on Spain Now. . . . lol

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