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monday 29/10/2018

Too bad I joined too late to play this. It was amazing. Too bad it went back to the play the cows mode, it was actually really fun and strategic in both deckbuilding and gameplay. You could use the OP Cards but at the same time you had to be smart in building the rest.
(No, I do not have Lyse Teria Cr.)


So... the point system... when will you make it harder?

friday 26/10/2018


thursday 25/10/2018

When you go on your profile there should be an option above the current sales and previous sales thing. It says "play" and next to "play" is some icon that looks like a clock. Click on that and PUM! Battle history shows up.
Say hi to Amanda and the kids for me

monday 22/10/2018

hot logo UR 104 messages

Just make the next event a bit more realistic. Imo you didn't really needed to reward us this time, but you did so thank you.

thursday 18/10/2018

I might quit this quest as well, and I hadn't even gotten to the survivor part, I started it too late .

tuesday 16/10/2018

Sounds good in theory. To be honest I don't own Matilda Or Hans Spinner. That does help a lot. I will say that I haven't seen a SOUL using that combination. Which might make it perfect. Or might make it smiley lol

friday 12/10/2018

Yeah and now my combo breaker makes no sense smiley

wednesday 10/10/2018

- - - - -

The clan was one of the most popular.
We decided to slightly change Krazan Ld ability from Brawl: +3 attack to Brawl: -3 opponent atk min 8. Similarly to Tuck, this change will force him to use at least 1 pillz during battles in order to get advantages from its ability.
PS: We already planned a new 5* roots before the end of the year… ; )

- - - - -

The clan was popular in the ranking.
We decided to try a swap: Baka in, Ahseya out.
We restored Ahseya a few months ago, in place of Baka, as the clan wasn’t played much and we noticed they needed to have access to more solid cards.
However, with the recent change to Fomalhaut Ld and the release of Serleena, the clan gained more options and became much more solid overall.
We think now we can safely revert back this change.

- - - - -

The clan was one of the most popular.
Slade resulted to be a bit too strong and made Sentinel decks too solid overall.
We decided to restore #zrobbie in place of Slade.
Next month, if there will be a need to do so, it’s also possible that we will restore Carmen in place of Scar, to fully restore the clan situation prior to Slade’s release.

- - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking. No change needed.

- - - - -

Ulu Watu:
The clan was average in the ranking. No change needed.

- - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking. No change needed.

- - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking. No change needed.
We released SpartaK aiming to make her a good survivor type 3 / tourney type 2 choice.
Next month, if there will be a need to do so, it’s also possible that we will restore Rahi Sledon in place of Angora.

Tbf this pack is pretty ridiculous. But only they know the numbers, so if people still bought that thing, we can't really complain

monday 08/10/2018

Type 3 matches me quicker than type 1 did tbh. Matchmaking is idk if its some problem or just less players but yesterday last day of efc season 18 in the evening i couldnt find opponents for a solid 10 minutes(i checked the battle history due to curiosity) and this happened 2 times. In tourneys also sometimes it shows no opponents found but i can bet on it to give me opponent under 30-40 seconds in worst case scenario ,well atleast well its in progress.

sunday 07/10/2018

hot logo UR 36 messages

See ya smiley

thursday 04/10/2018

I understand the drive for change. Just looking for transparency.
It's customer service 101.

I also understand that UR has a small staff, so it's probably easy for people to get spread thin. That being said, transparency with change doesn't take a lot of bandwidth as long as you expectation set and prioritize it.

tuesday 02/10/2018

Let's go full Deathmatch with Survivor and give a x3 exp bonus for every two wins.

saturday 29/09/2018

Will Mikki go into hiding and cr and eventually be spotted and killed by graks ex fiancee? smiley

friday 28/09/2018

WAT? Rare 60k card for the weekly EFC TOP-10? Guys, would you mind to change it?

New blood prediction. Nightmare, frozn, all star and ulu watu

wednesday 26/09/2018

I miss the 'preset of the week' newsletter. smiley

tuesday 25/09/2018

THANKS for getting the Collection pro working!

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