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wednesday 02/06/2010


Its a Nice Simple Lotto. Zinx donated a few prizes and set this up. Open to Everybody so join! It's cheap entry! It ends on July 6, and I'm PST so a little bit behind some of you in Time Zones. More Donations should let make more people join. And Spread the Word! Tell Everyone about this! Post in your Guild, message your friends, message strangers, message your dog!

Pick any clan you want and you must use this mono clan the whole game to face people with other type 2 decks with different clans and see what clan rules over them all!

tuesday 01/06/2010

Join until thursday evening:

saturday 29/05/2010

2 messages

Jackpot is now: 10500 clintz
1st prize is amiral py cr
as well as uncommons and commons to be handed out to all players at the end of the event

Starts: Tuesday 15/06/10
Ends: Wednesday 30/06/10

Each player must go up against all player(s) from his/her group in 2 winning battle(s) each.

entrance fees: 300 clintz - you must speak English.

the winner of tournament gets all entrance fees as reward!

other informations:http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=27320

thursday 27/05/2010

Go on the event to put your vote

wednesday 26/05/2010

Links on the newsletter don't work

tuesday 25/05/2010

monday 24/05/2010

Join up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smileysmileysmiley

This sounds interesting...I'll join

sunday 23/05/2010

Film, Musica, Sentimenti & chi + ne ha...

if you have a lot of imagination...this is the event for yousmiley

saturday 22/05/2010

Only A Few Short Hours Before Registration Closes!!! Join Now!!!

@ Richliu
You may get your wish; It's Coming Soon! smiley
~ But with a twist =] smiley

Surviving Survivor: Mods and Gods has recently crowned its Ultimate Survivor: The Great Daexen WMD! smiley
The runner up was the brilliantly devious -mraz, and the third place finisher was Slify the.... well it's Silfy. smiley
Congratulations go out to these players and thanks to all the participating players and those who cheered on their friends towards victory. You guys made this event incredible. smiley

wednesday 19/05/2010

32 people

tuesday 18/05/2010

Still open to applications! Start May 30 2010.

monday 17/05/2010

Event not accepting any more players.

Thank you.

Just posting an event create dby a guildmate. If enough people join then I will donate some good prizes to the lot smiley


Awesome mono-deck event! There's still some good availability, too.
Join now while your clan choices are still up for grabs!smiley

Within a few days there are many members, we can not always update to the awards, but not if you go to see event where they write the Italians for every donation is a confirmation

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