saturday 22/05/2010

Surviving Survivor: Mods and Gods has recently crowned its Ultimate Survivor: The Great Daexen WMD! smiley
The runner up was the brilliantly devious -mraz, and the third place finisher was Slify the.... well it's Silfy. smiley
Congratulations go out to these players and thanks to all the participating players and those who cheered on their friends towards victory. You guys made this event incredible. smiley

wednesday 19/05/2010

32 people

tuesday 18/05/2010

Still open to applications! Start May 30 2010.

monday 17/05/2010

Event not accepting any more players.

Thank you.

Just posting an event create dby a guildmate. If enough people join then I will donate some good prizes to the lot smiley


Awesome mono-deck event! There's still some good availability, too.
Join now while your clan choices are still up for grabs!smiley

Within a few days there are many members, we can not always update to the awards, but not if you go to see event where they write the Italians for every donation is a confirmation

sunday 16/05/2010

In this event there are no rules
Start date: Monday 31/05/10 End date: Tuesday 01/06/10
Clintz 400 participation fee for it, there are great prices:

1:50 000 clintz+Boohma+Brittany+Mawpin+Jalil+Yayoi
2:5000 clintz+Methane+Gertrud+Sharon+Ghoub
3:5000 clintz+Ojibway+Fabio+Tank+Adler
4:Zoltan+Gheistling+Luba+Jeyn+Janine+Bennie +Tatane
5:Morlha+Zodiack+Bob Joby+Dan+Tunned


saturday 15/05/2010

The tournement is no opened to the subscription

Don't forget to precise what clan will represent ur guild
Uppers, Sakrohm, Sentinel, Piranas, Ulu Watu, Rescue are not avalaible anymore

Gain 50 000Clintz with One World Spring Tournement

thursday 13/05/2010

Oh, it's like a minimum auction event i joined in the past, the lowest and only bid will get the item( if someone is bidding 50 clintz just like you are, it would not be the only bid of it's prize and will not be a win, whereas if someone bid 100 but it's the only one of it's kind and the price form 50-99 are all repeated then that would be the lowest and only bid and thus gets the card)
i like this event, i'll try it

tuesday 11/05/2010

@hades350 -- just follow the link and press JOIN button

smiley( I'm too late smiley(

And the link is????

-----------------------------donations are most welcome--------------------------------------------

- no Leaders
- no cards with +Pillz Ability
- banned clans: Junkz, Rescue, Sakrohm, Sentinel, Uppers
- no doubles
- no CR cards - fairplay factor
- no star limit
- no random room
- while playing against a player you are not allowed to change decks
//// in case a group of 5 players from the same guild cannot be completed, I will make gropus with players that cannot gather players from their own group ////

La Junta: Emeth or Bryan
Sentenial: Lehane
All Stars: Randy, Jessie
Junkz: Dj Korr Cr (obiously)

Yes the event is full and I will make another one a few months with more than 19 players.

friday 07/05/2010

Tomorrow is the day the cards are distributed.

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