saturday 17/04/2010

Lol, only 8 spots left guys, this should be a good event

friday 16/04/2010

thursday 15/04/2010

When's the next one

tuesday 13/04/2010

Only 1 has joined so far

This event is for my friend lion blaze x since he is leaving UR a simple lotto for a simple reason for and awsome person Goodbye lion -KingsshadowX

Its a 100 clint entry fee its also a lottery

The Last Words Of The Lion

monday 12/04/2010

Join until wednesday smiley

Lottery 500 for 50000 clintz

entrance: 500 clintz

price: 1º 100% (-5% for kate)

It is but not many members look in the guild messige bord rather they go to this one weird i know

sunday 11/04/2010

There was only one primate option and I already did Ongh so I decided to appoint my own leader. But I'm happy everyone enjoys them.

saturday 10/04/2010

2 messages

Cmon people join

Im interested and still level 18 smiley


Consider this a 'bump' post. We're starting on Monday, whether all 128 slots are filled or not. As it stands now, anyone entered has an extremely competitive chance to land within the prize structure. ;-]

Check out Two-by-Twos, and sign up if it interests you. Its shaping up very nicely. I'd hate to see you left out int he cold. ;-]



if you do here's your chance

thursday 08/04/2010

Spots left to fill.
Fang Pi Clang 1 players
Freaks - 2 players
GHEIST -1 players
Jungo - 2 players
La Junta - 1 players
Pussycats - 1 players
Rescue - 1 players
Roots - 1 players

Does anyone know any good riddles related to urban rubals? Pm me if you do.

Lol...6.9/10 on the event idea, and 8/10 on the display picture...or wait...that's jerry...numbers should be reversed? Seriously though, when i saw this event, I became tempted to join mainly because i have all the skeelz/junkz cards minus cr's. Count me in! smiley

wednesday 07/04/2010

Only 19 people in the event right now, so there's almost a guarantee that you will win something.

This is a mans lotto. men that love the thrill of a gamble. spend big money and hopeful get lucky. think of it as this entrance fee 5000 clintz which means not many ppl join..BUT the ones that do join will have a much greater chance at winning big. Example this lotto ends on sunday lets say 15 ppl join u have a 1 in 15 chance to win. doesnt that sound nice.

Note this is not one of my simple lotto. this is the lotto that separate the players that play safe from the men that love to gamble. high entrance fee means only the ones that truly think they are luck enough to join take part in this gamble. good luck.

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