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sunday 18/04/2010

Clintz are a very good prize


saturday 17/04/2010

Why are you all confused? Diego is imbalanced card - that's the reason.

Lol, only 8 spots left guys, this should be a good event

friday 16/04/2010

thursday 15/04/2010

When's the next one

tuesday 13/04/2010

Only 1 has joined so far

This event is for my friend lion blaze x since he is leaving UR a simple lotto for a simple reason for and awsome person Goodbye lion -KingsshadowX

Its a 100 clint entry fee its also a lottery

The Last Words Of The Lion

monday 12/04/2010

Join until wednesday smiley

Lottery 500 for 50000 clintz

entrance: 500 clintz

price: 1º 100% (-5% for kate)

It is but not many members look in the guild messige bord rather they go to this one weird i know

sunday 11/04/2010

There was only one primate option and I already did Ongh so I decided to appoint my own leader. But I'm happy everyone enjoys them.

saturday 10/04/2010

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Cmon people join

Im interested and still level 18 smiley


Consider this a 'bump' post. We're starting on Monday, whether all 128 slots are filled or not. As it stands now, anyone entered has an extremely competitive chance to land within the prize structure. ;-]

Check out Two-by-Twos, and sign up if it interests you. Its shaping up very nicely. I'd hate to see you left out int he cold. ;-]



if you do here's your chance

thursday 08/04/2010

Spots left to fill.
Fang Pi Clang 1 players
Freaks - 2 players
GHEIST -1 players
Jungo - 2 players
La Junta - 1 players
Pussycats - 1 players
Rescue - 1 players
Roots - 1 players

Does anyone know any good riddles related to urban rubals? Pm me if you do.

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