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thursday 08/04/2010

Lol...6.9/10 on the event idea, and 8/10 on the display picture...or wait...that's jerry...numbers should be reversed? Seriously though, when i saw this event, I became tempted to join mainly because i have all the skeelz/junkz cards minus cr's. Count me in! smiley

wednesday 07/04/2010

Only 19 people in the event right now, so there's almost a guarantee that you will win something.

This is a mans lotto. men that love the thrill of a gamble. spend big money and hopeful get lucky. think of it as this entrance fee 5000 clintz which means not many ppl join..BUT the ones that do join will have a much greater chance at winning big. Example this lotto ends on sunday lets say 15 ppl join u have a 1 in 15 chance to win. doesnt that sound nice.

Note this is not one of my simple lotto. this is the lotto that separate the players that play safe from the men that love to gamble. high entrance fee means only the ones that truly think they are luck enough to join take part in this gamble. good luck.

tuesday 06/04/2010

Join smiley deleted

Two prizes:
-50 000 clintz
-50 000 clintz

Oh, he uses cheats

A COOL event thats basically and Soap opera with a whole bunch of Crazy
Ole' Peeps and some of the best players. ^_____^ Come and join and You'll
have an opertunity to make friends and play against cool people

C'mon and Join !Battle of the SEA !

monday 05/04/2010

Join up smiley

A nice little event guys, won't take too much time.

I Nos4r2 invite to test your might against me and the other warriors of your great Urban Metropolis called Clint City. All Decks, all Guilds and all levels are welcome. So have you got what it takes to overcome all Rivals and to the claim your prize at the end of the road, if not up for a challenge or have doubts about your abilities Don’t enter!!!!!!!

sunday 04/04/2010

C'mon, ppl! It's time to test your ability to psyche out your opponents!smiley

saturday 03/04/2010


the first event is one where u must have quite a selection of cards or u may only have to use one clan but no matter which round u play in, only the first person of each will make it to round 2

the second event is a losing event but this time its special...you must meet certain deck requirements and use all pills in groups of 2-6

This event is now finished, congratulations to 0AL-vegoliv who wins a Sum Sam Cr.

friday 02/04/2010

Win a CR

1 Thaumaturge Cr
2 Swidz Cr
3 Diyo Cr
4 Chad Bread Cr

it must be 100 plaers for The wins

The Deck must be rainbow No evo,cards,No Crs,NoLeader
The event must have 100 players to give the Prices it wouldt be
10 Groups a 10 players the best of every Group Figts against the best Players of the other Groups in final

I want to take this challenge

thursday 01/04/2010

I want play

tuesday 30/03/2010

Come and join in one the biggest events going around. if you want to mix it with the best, this is the place to come!

monday 29/03/2010

Lotterie Champion

200 clintz to enter

Event in which you can use only a small number of cards smiley

will you create the best deck?
will you win against your opponents?
will you win the prizes?

enter in Only the Chosen Ones to discover it!

ps: sorry for my bad english smiley

sunday 28/03/2010

It is under the rules if u read the deatails

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=24274 ok here it is a war is to come and only the true warriors shall take their stand in ELO.If you wish to join go right on ahead we want this war to be HUGE!

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