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sunday 07/03/2010

Only fully leveled 2 star cards can be used
Type 1 Deck
100 clintz entry fee
Donations welcomed

saturday 06/03/2010

I added you as a friend back when i joined a year ago. Good luck to you sir.

Solid participation so far but would like to get a few more in the event before it starts on Sunday smiley

Lol VORTExXXx smiley

friday 05/03/2010

thursday 04/03/2010

yay!!! join plaese donations are welcomed and accepted

wednesday 03/03/2010

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Come on in this event

So how we doin this?

monday 01/03/2010

There is an unstable environment at the GHEIST and here only the GHEIST fight. Against who? Against themselves, the GHEIST. Why do they fight each other? They fight to be the new Leader of the clan. Sigmund left the clan, the fight for power has began.

Fight for Gheist

Join and share with your friends and guild!!

Im kinda bored so i wanted 2 kill time till Bad company 2 comes out on tuesday. so i made a very simple lotto that starts NOW and ends on tuesday. join fast

Since Im Bored Ill Do This

saturday 27/02/2010



To all passengers aboard C0L0SSAL Air's flight 14417 deleted

This is your captain speaking:
This plane crash lands in two days time. We hope you've have had a bumpy journey, as you've already noticed, we did NOT provide parachutes nor oxygen masks the whole time you were on board. We did however provide a small mobile phone loacated underneath your arm-rest, with an ENGLISH translation for a wide range of various blood curdling screams, begging bellows and death whispers. I can now announce that ATLEAST one person on board has a large bomb which will
probably kill you all at the time of 'landing', yeah, sorry about that. A few of you attempted making similar bombs, but in the end, they all self-detonated before you could finish constructing them. I'm pleased to announce that at the end of the flight, ALL of you will recieve complimentry bomb constructing kits so that NEXT TIME..... oops, scrap that. Thankyou once again for flying C0L0SSAL Air, we will soon be arriving at Splata International airport. Please enjoy the rest of your flight and have a pleasant death.


friday 26/02/2010

This's my new event for fans of 2HKO - Bob Joby Fight!
As prizes I added some cards and if there's many people I added more cards (Blaaster, Page Cr and etc.)

Bob Joby Fight.

It was deleted,

thursday 25/02/2010


New card predictions

are you very good at predicting?
do you have the gift?
for just 200 clintz you can turn your clintz into a lottery win!

Ends tomorrow when the cards come out

Yes, it is i wrote the link bad. thanks.

You´ll never walk alone

tuesday 23/02/2010


Any takers? smiley

monday 22/02/2010

I joined a Month ago or was it a week?

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