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tuesday 16/03/2010

1. 50%
2. 20% (+ 1000 clintz), Coby, Allan, El Gringo, Lino Borsa, Lucia, Adler, Donnie
3. 15% (- 1000 clintz), Ashigaru(0xp), Nimestiec, Redra, Burger, Eris, Ricardo
4. 5%
5. 5%
6. Zodiack
7. Askai (0xp)
8. Wendel
9. B Ball
10. Jeto
11. Myke
12. Nyema
13. Acid DC
14. Askai
15. Myke
16. Lunatik
17. Brandon
18. El Gringo
19. Eris
20. Krash (0xp)
21. Kuei
22. Lucia
23. Sargh
24. Dwan
25. Macumba
26. Don
27. Brutox
28. Ashigaru
29. Dayton
30. Greem
31. Kimberley
32. Sai San
33. Eris

monday 15/03/2010

Join my lottery and become richer:


rules are simple: click,join and win!

sunday 14/03/2010

Agree should be in strategy, The characters used ot me is indifferent however a bi bit of it is luck I was sitting 10 bp behind the leader once and ran in to a couple of slow players in a row and drop 17 places despite winning both battles

I'm insmiley

You should add these scoring rules:
If timed out win then add point(s), 3 pts to player.
If default win then add point(s), 3 pts to player.
If the player timed out then add/remove point(s), 1 pts to player.
If the player withdrew then add/remove point(s), 1 pts to player.
Also set the event to NON RANDOM.

friday 12/03/2010

Apologies folks I'll change the compelete set up smiley I'll make a new boarder

Cup der Guten Hoffnung Search Spends an Participant´s

thursday 11/03/2010

Join!!! one more needed for teams lol

wednesday 10/03/2010

Hello everybody =)

Here is my lottery to gain 3 parts of 100000 clintz =)
The closure of the event and the edition will be made when the jackpot will have reached 100000 clintz except kate's part smiley

Here is the link: Les 100.000 de Sub'

Sorry for my english,I use a translator smiley

Thanks moderators =)

tuesday 09/03/2010

Join my eventhttp://www.urban-rivals.com/events/list.php?filterByIDs=me&filterLocale=&filterState=setup&sortBy=date&orderBy=desc

17 messages

And we're underway!!!!

sunday 07/03/2010

Ops....Really Sorry I have forgot the link smiley

thanks yami smiley

Therefore the Lottery ends on the 15th March

Only fully leveled 2 star cards can be used
Type 1 Deck
100 clintz entry fee
Donations welcomed

saturday 06/03/2010

I added you as a friend back when i joined a year ago. Good luck to you sir.

Solid participation so far but would like to get a few more in the event before it starts on Sunday smiley

Lol VORTExXXx smiley

friday 05/03/2010

thursday 04/03/2010

yay!!! join plaese donations are welcomed and accepted

wednesday 03/03/2010

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Come on in this event

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