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saturday 23/01/2010


You pick a clan max 10 people per clan and you face everybody who picks that clan and at the end the people who have the most points in each clan will go at it

An event for everyone who likes to solve mysteries!
This is a mystery for you to solve!
--My first event, enjoy!--

wednesday 20/01/2010

Just 2 more days. Should be fun!!

Mods plz close

tuesday 19/01/2010

Urban league smiley

They be stealing me lucky charms

monday 18/01/2010

7 more players until we start, come on and join

sunday 17/01/2010

Less than 1 day before the event starts!

sorteo (UHF)LUFFY un año en UR i do 1 age in uran rivals XD is a lotterie

Show your support now since it is free

saturday 16/01/2010

Luck and 200 clintz
enter now .. you pay 200 clintz and you can win 100k smiley

I made an event because i became lvl 40 but im looking for people to join xD


Mods please close

friday 15/01/2010

Don't need to explain more than the title i guess smiley

wednesday 13/01/2010

The tournament will begin on Friday evening. January 15. Groups are also formed during the week. 1 round will last from 16-24 January. All the luck in the tournament =) Vote green. And friends call him, they can still have time to register.

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