sunday 13/12/2009

Hello ya all

This a new event where players start battles with 0 pillz and people can only use Bangers,All Stars,Ulu Watu,Leaders,ofc you can use pillz gained from Shann,Morphun etc.
I think rarest cards in this event would be:Stanly,Morphun,Shann,Lamar Cr...if you have atleast 2 of these in your decks your chance is high to win
prizes still low but ofc if more people join,higher prizes come!!!
Thanx for reading

Hyperlink: Battle for pillz

saturday 12/12/2009

friday 11/12/2009

@Death_X Level 20 is the maximum level you can be.

You have until Monday to join! Good Luck to all that are currently in! smiley

thursday 10/12/2009

Congratulations to our winners!!

The 3 elected admins for UC are: Babs Hartley, -- Simple -- and RemixV

These 3 admins made 2 random draws each to come up with 6 voters who will win the 6 random Rare cards.

The winners are:
EU_Yami Prem


Your prizes will be given to you by the newly elected admins as their first admin task for UC. smiley

Thank you for participating!


wednesday 09/12/2009

A few video response in now
go check out the competition in the link
btw if you can't buy a certain card just say so on the vid and that you can't and i won't mark you down

tuesday 08/12/2009

Thanks ryder3185
join now

monday 07/12/2009

I feel sorry for the moderators having to verify these posts.

I reckon since this will be near impossible to accomplish, either to close this thread, and pat ourselves for learning a lesson OR reduce the goal number to 50 or something.

I apoligize on behalf of our community to our grateful moderators. smiley

Close this plz mods

saturday 05/12/2009


Almost 200 people strong! Get your guild to join while you have time!!!

*also, Crs will be posted before the event begins as part of the prizes

I'd be willing tojoin ifit wasaround 300 clintz entry

friday 04/12/2009

Mods close this plz btw

Shaka Zulu won the tomas gratz

thursday 03/12/2009

DT = Daily Tournaments

For more information about it, please check out:

For the daily tournament rankings, please check out:


wednesday 02/12/2009

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100 clintz and type normal please

tuesday 01/12/2009

Mods plz close this

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