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monday 15/02/2010

When do people advance to the next round


join and there will be way more prizes!!!!!!

Mods please close

sunday 14/02/2010

Anybody? I wish my event would get the publicity like colossal's or math's do everytime

It has offically started but u are still aloud to join

It happens when you do not in any guild, but because the world do not ....
I invite friends to this day to celebrate Valentine's day and make a great mass exchange parapente to receive a gift of someone who has touched them
The event is simple join you prepare your gift waiting to send you your number of who you play and ready big celebrations in this great day ....
Gifts can be from 100 clintz far reaches your limit .... and why not build camaraderie in Ur .... We are the world ....

Join in....



Let me join!

saturday 13/02/2010

There is a terry in there

friday 12/02/2010

Like i say the doors is open for all
u can win crs carts 0xp and carts rarres

no fight smiley no deck for my event lottery

if u invite u friend = more chance to win

welcom all to [EVENT] Et The Harem Of Pantheon vu l

Mods plz close

thursday 11/02/2010

I'm searching for players smiley

tuesday 09/02/2010

It is over mansmileysmileysmiley

Hello elo player im sending this to only players i think will bring the challenge to the table you don't have to join but please consider. http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=21666

monday 08/02/2010

It wasnt won so its going on wednesdays draw now!!!!!! smiley

friday 05/02/2010

Do u like it


Mods plz close

wednesday 03/02/2010

Plz close

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