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tuesday 02/02/2010

Sujet clos

THe event is off i open other event


its about love funny moments come on get your urban mate or invite some one ti join with you

big cash prizes smiley

i will be waiting


monday 01/02/2010

Thanks and Terry Cr goes to Skeelzoprenic.

He pretty much pinned what I wanted in the deck. I wanted the deck to be mostly combat with poison on the side. That is why there are only 3 Freaks instead of 4. I was looking for a minimal change that would keep the said strategy and he pinned it the best.
His suggestion gave me exactly what I wanted. Thank you Skeelzoprenic, the Terry Cr is in your private sales, waiting to be picked up.

Thanks for everyone that participated. I'll have another contest some other time.

The final version: preset=1066384

Wild Wolves - 1st Year Lottery

16th Febraury 2009-16th Febraury 2010 - First Birthday of the Wild Wolves

For all the rules, click on the Link! However, don't worry, is a classic lottery... no more, no less! The draws are going to be made by a moderator...

saturday 30/01/2010

I have created an event, open to all english speaking players.


Its my 2nd event I've created, the first one where outside my guild is allowed.

Type 1 decks check the link for all further details on scoring etc

friday 29/01/2010

Sign up and maybe get rich

thursday 28/01/2010

People are in the room

wednesday 27/01/2010

We still need more people so we can represent all the clans. If you haven't joined you'll miss out on this awesome event. If you have already joined tell your friends to join too.

banned cards list
elo perma banned
3 or more dmg reducers
2 or more poisoners
the rest is filler
no chance of pussycats/freaks bonus- meaning you can use one of the cards from the clan but no bonus
no soa bonus it'll ruined the cards abilities- so you can use miss twice cr and no other geist though
yeah ask me any questions
donations are friggen awsome so i don't have to say welcomed! smileysmileysmiley
prizes for 1 2 3 and 4 r
18% jackpot
check the event so yeah
100 clint entry only
i get 2% cause i'm really greedy

tuesday 26/01/2010

Bumping - cards continue to flow in - now including a Wardog!!

monday 25/01/2010



sunday 24/01/2010

Mods plz close

Mods plz close

saturday 23/01/2010


You pick a clan max 10 people per clan and you face everybody who picks that clan and at the end the people who have the most points in each clan will go at it

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