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saturday 23/01/2010

An event for everyone who likes to solve mysteries!
This is a mystery for you to solve!
--My first event, enjoy!--

wednesday 20/01/2010

Just 2 more days. Should be fun!!

Mods plz close

tuesday 19/01/2010

Urban league smiley

They be stealing me lucky charms

monday 18/01/2010

7 more players until we start, come on and join

sunday 17/01/2010

Less than 1 day before the event starts!

sorteo (UHF)LUFFY un año en UR i do 1 age in uran rivals XD is a lotterie

Show your support now since it is free

saturday 16/01/2010

Luck and 200 clintz
enter now .. you pay 200 clintz and you can win 100k smiley

I made an event because i became lvl 40 but im looking for people to join xD


Mods please close

friday 15/01/2010

Don't need to explain more than the title i guess smiley

wednesday 13/01/2010

The tournament will begin on Friday evening. January 15. Groups are also formed during the week. 1 round will last from 16-24 January. All the luck in the tournament =) Vote green. And friends call him, they can still have time to register.

tuesday 12/01/2010


Prizes are the jackpot

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