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friday 01/01/2010

Join people the prizes are getting bigger

thursday 31/12/2009

Please bangers

tuesday 29/12/2009

Last week to join. Grand prize is bloodh along with the clintz reward. So hurry everyone! Join up before it's too late!

Lol...glad it is GL.

monday 28/12/2009

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=19130 una liga

In ELO, there is usually what most people call as dead time. This occurs before the start of a new elo week and before the awarding for the previous one. This is normal.

ELO mode should be back to its original ways in a few.

Hope that helps.


sunday 27/12/2009


lottery is open for everybody!
enter fee is 500 and prize is:
1. 80% of jackpot and jackie
2. 10% of jackopot and lelena
3. 10% of jackpot and stanly

Who will succeed 0 Romain ? Suscriptions start december 25. The Tournament will start by the end of January. 256 players are expected. Several Turn & Game mode including ELO, T1, T2, Boxe, BR XI…. Collectors & more than 500 000 clintz are in the jackpot. Think you have a chance ?
Join here! : Restriction 4 - The Gathering.

I won't draw until tomorrow afternoon, so there is still time to join!

Sorry for the delayed prize giving.

10 random winners are chosen already. Congratz! Prizes are already given. smiley

A copy of the yuletide tale is available on the UR Gazette!

Thank you all for participating.

thursday 24/12/2009

"And this is for you." He handed Ben a check. "This could cover all those fruitcakes."

"You're really going to eat those things? I mean they're not very good."

"Oh, I have my uses for them." Hopefully sending them all to Ludwig with a note that said, "Sorry about the cosmic radiation" would at least shut him up.

"You're wonderful!" Ratanah's eyes come close forming tears of joy as she rushed over and hugged Zatman. "I just knew the Christmas spirit would make you change your mind."

"No it didn't." Making a face, he disdainfully pried her off. "It's just that you hippies now owe me one." With that, he began to walk off.

"At least we got what we wanted." Ben sighed, putting the check in his pocket. "In the most asinine way possible."

Just then, Zatman stopped in his tracks, looked around, turned to them and said in a neutral tone. "Merry Christmas."


monday 21/12/2009

Christmas is for...Fighting
This event is the perfect gift for your friends on UR smiley
what more could you want on christmas day than to fight

thanks Mods

Absolute Zero

Rules are elo rules except morphun is banned. 6 life and 0 pills.

prizes -
1st - Eklore + 30%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 20%
4th - 5%
me - 10%
kate - 5%

Can you survive with the minimum pills and life.

sunday 20/12/2009

I will jion

saturday 19/12/2009

Especially as it says on the event page you have to be member of this guild since the end of November smiley

thursday 17/12/2009

This is a minor bump up,

this event is open for applying!!

join up before it ends smiley

tuesday 15/12/2009

Don't even know you so 'again' makes no sense to me and I suggest you look up the word sarcsam.

I've heard enough, you try and do some good for players and its thrown in your face. Forget it.

Mods delete please.

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