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wednesday 18/11/2009

OK some mod really needs to PM me about their problem with me, seriously

tuesday 17/11/2009

Diversity Tournament

Diversity tournament, let's see how well you perform when the pressure of no bonus + random is put on you!

Prize list:

Top 1: Vickie CR

Top 2: Kerozinn CR

Top 3: Alec CR


Few years back.. T1 is the preferred room to get more points in Dt's.. lol smiley

saturday 14/11/2009

Should do something with famous game char. or movie char, or something in that nature.smiley

friday 13/11/2009

French event, a few translate


-19* including one 5* and seven 2*
-Are forbidden : Leaders, Jackie (R), Lyse Teria Cr (Cr), Vickie Cr (Cr), Kiki (R) Cr, General Cr (Cr), DJ Korr Cr (Cr), Tanaereva (U), Guru Cr (Cr), GraksmxxT (R), Copper (U), Hawk (R), Askai, Caelus (R) and Kolos
-Tanaereva (U), Vickie Cr (Cr), Copper (U) et Caelus (R) are allowed in semi-evos
-Are allowed : semi-evos
-No doubles (or two of a kind if you prefer)
-The 5* must be the sole of its clan
-When you win, you are allowed to add one star to your deck.
-When you draw, both players add one star to their decks.
-After 5th round, two players add one bonus star
-You are only allowed to make one change at a time. The new card you add can be of any clan except the one of your 5* card.


September 14,1991

thats my birthdate and also my guess... ehehe...

wednesday 11/11/2009

Thanks to all players who have joinedsmiley

tuesday 10/11/2009

Starts in around 24 hours
don't be l8

sunday 08/11/2009


join the lotto! smiley

saturday 07/11/2009

We need someone to create a Guild Event for guild:723155.
Entrance will be only 50 clints, and I will allow you to keep up to 20% of the total for yourself.
I will offer the prizes.

If you think you could do this, pm me and we'll discuss the details

I'll join, how much is the entrance fee?

The winners will be drawn tomorrow evening at 8 pm (german time GMT + 1:00)

There are not even 40 players but 10 of them are getting a price...
That makes 25% winning chance in a lottery! Where would that be possible smiley?

thursday 05/11/2009

Cut off at 128 because there are laready 86 signed up. Join quick or you may miss out.

40 players strong! Get well soon Dag! smiley

Another Lozer imitation

wednesday 04/11/2009


Ladies join cause it ain't the same without you.

... or me smiley @ X for "hiding" this event from me xD

tuesday 03/11/2009

Join up jack pot of 14000

monday 02/11/2009

$$ One Lottery $$

Enter please.
Price to enter: 100 clintz smiley

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