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sunday 27/12/2009

Sorry for the delayed prize giving.

10 random winners are chosen already. Congratz! Prizes are already given. smiley

A copy of the yuletide tale is available on the UR Gazette!

Thank you all for participating.

thursday 24/12/2009

"And this is for you." He handed Ben a check. "This could cover all those fruitcakes."

"You're really going to eat those things? I mean they're not very good."

"Oh, I have my uses for them." Hopefully sending them all to Ludwig with a note that said, "Sorry about the cosmic radiation" would at least shut him up.

"You're wonderful!" Ratanah's eyes come close forming tears of joy as she rushed over and hugged Zatman. "I just knew the Christmas spirit would make you change your mind."

"No it didn't." Making a face, he disdainfully pried her off. "It's just that you hippies now owe me one." With that, he began to walk off.

"At least we got what we wanted." Ben sighed, putting the check in his pocket. "In the most asinine way possible."

Just then, Zatman stopped in his tracks, looked around, turned to them and said in a neutral tone. "Merry Christmas."


monday 21/12/2009

Christmas is for...Fighting
This event is the perfect gift for your friends on UR smiley
what more could you want on christmas day than to fight

thanks Mods

Absolute Zero

Rules are elo rules except morphun is banned. 6 life and 0 pills.

prizes -
1st - Eklore + 30%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 20%
4th - 5%
me - 10%
kate - 5%

Can you survive with the minimum pills and life.

sunday 20/12/2009

I will jion

saturday 19/12/2009

Especially as it says on the event page you have to be member of this guild since the end of November smiley

thursday 17/12/2009

This is a minor bump up,

this event is open for applying!!

join up before it ends smiley

tuesday 15/12/2009

Don't even know you so 'again' makes no sense to me and I suggest you look up the word sarcsam.

I've heard enough, you try and do some good for players and its thrown in your face. Forget it.

Mods delete please.

Dont read the (for the frist 20) then entrance fees: 200 clintz for the last 44
part i did not mean it

I have decided to end auditions early. Thanks to all those who applied. smiley

monday 14/12/2009

Sorry i need to remember to put the links (pounds head with hammer)

Well, I have to say, this beggining to go crazy, I mean, the Rescue with the Freaks, like, they hate each other!
Here's a good advice, use e'm all againts each other, it's a clan for them self, like it IS a war isnt it? Try to make a more, eh.. simple pack, like, Sentinels - La Junta, GHEIST - Nightmares, or Freaks - Piranas!
This is just an advice, not a critictismsmiley

This is an event where bragging rights are more important that the prizes itself!


Fight for survival in "Twisted T1"

Why play plain old Type 1, when we can play "twisted" Type 1?

Twisted T1:
25 stars
8 cards
2 clans
4 cards from each clan
No 5 stars
No 5 stars (yes, its an important rule)
No -/+ attack bonuses or abilities (meaning no uppers, rescue, montana, junkz, sentinel, etc, and no taigo, askai,kang, etc)
All ELO banned/Staff banned cards allowed as long as the rules above are followed.
No leaders

Eh, Type 1 = Boring
Twisted T1 = smiley

But wait, there's more XD
There will be one round, fight each person 3 times. No random. 12 Pillz, 12 Life. Bonus Points for KO. And.. you don't get penalized for using staff banned cards =D

You can be in your own group if you want, just tell me what you want your group to be called smiley

If you see anyone who is cheating by breaking these easy rules to follow by, then let me know, and they will get a warning, and if their cheating doesn't cease then they shall face the consequences of the "eliminate" button!

Join! And check out the prizes smiley


sunday 13/12/2009

Hello ya all

This a new event where players start battles with 0 pillz and people can only use Bangers,All Stars,Ulu Watu,Leaders,ofc you can use pillz gained from Shann,Morphun etc.
I think rarest cards in this event would be:Stanly,Morphun,Shann,Lamar Cr...if you have atleast 2 of these in your decks your chance is high to win
prizes still low but ofc if more people join,higher prizes come!!!
Thanx for reading

Hyperlink: Battle for pillz

saturday 12/12/2009

friday 11/12/2009

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