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wednesday 09/08/2017

Hehe chaos, your too kind smiley

tuesday 08/08/2017

tuesday 01/08/2017

Since only one person has posted since my previous post (thank you for participating 0 ThainZ), I will be closing this event and I will be reusing these prizes for a later event.

Also, my apologies if this is considered necroposting. I simply just wanted to wrap everything up.

Regardless, thank you to everyone who participated and I hope that next time will be better. I hope to see you there!

friday 28/07/2017

wednesday 26/07/2017

I didnt get globumm ='(

monday 24/07/2017

If you do TOP 3 and you don't want to enter, tell me so the next player in top will enter. smiley

saturday 22/07/2017

Sorry it's so late. Sent the Ojibway out just a minute ago.

Congrats again to the winners!

Ah so it's finished, no?

thursday 20/07/2017

So sad for Basdekker and Sim......smiley

sunday 09/07/2017

Im looking for another Guild to challenge ours in a 5v5 event. It can be for fun or we can come up with some rewards.

friday 07/07/2017

Give me some time to draft out working ones. Thanks for the suggestion though.

thursday 06/07/2017

You are doing it great darkblood. Its a nice replacement for the chats who doesnt work smiley

tuesday 27/06/2017

Hi, so it's still very early but the new event with a Clintz jackpot is really not successful at all.

Therefore, I will be creating another official event, but it will be a mini for June/July.

Happy gaming!

sunday 25/06/2017

The event has been confirmed, it will be starting today at 17:30 UK time and ending on the 24th July.

So get ready!

thursday 22/06/2017

saturday 10/06/2017

Of course, I am searching for a moderator to help with the distribution.

wednesday 07/06/2017

tuesday 06/06/2017

So my aim is to obtain the new cards before creating the event. 4 are planned I heard.

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