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saturday 28/11/2009

Close this plz mods

Delete this plz mods
or close

friday 27/11/2009

Need an extra player to replace an existing one, be quick or this seat will be filled.

No one comment it?

thursday 26/11/2009

Starts this weekend..last chance to join!

tuesday 24/11/2009

Thank you for your participation and ask for your voice to the jackpot, the winner may get a prize!

monday 23/11/2009

Hey guys, this is my first event...
Im looking forward to it & since this is my first so I hope its going on well...

The entrance is free, I just want to know how does it work n for the prizes, it will be a surprise from me...
The rule is in the event...

Well I guess thats it...

Quest King

Taham will also be a prize for this contest thanks to Yami Prem! thanks Yami!! Contest begins today!

*Close Please*

I realize it states in the rules that your score will slowly go back down to 1000 if you don't play within a "few days". Urban Rivals should tell us exactly what that time limit is. Yesterday I played ELO until I got to 1300, what I thought was enough to get me 10 credits. Between the time I hit 1300 and the end of the weekly tournament LESS THAN TWO DAYS had passed. That isn't a "few days". I signed back on just now to find out I had dropped to 1298 and that the weekly scoring had ended. A pretty big letdown and a loss of 5 easy credits. C'mon UR, I've come to expect more out of you than this. Thanks for reading, and I hope this is stated more explicitly in the future.

sunday 22/11/2009


Join this event for your chance at many great prizes.
This event is T2 and you can only use Piranas or Nightmare, no leader.

saturday 21/11/2009



come and join

No more writers accepted

Please close this mods


I liked it really great drawns smiley

friday 20/11/2009

No what?

wednesday 18/11/2009

OK some mod really needs to PM me about their problem with me, seriously

tuesday 17/11/2009

Diversity Tournament

Diversity tournament, let's see how well you perform when the pressure of no bonus + random is put on you!

Prize list:

Top 1: Vickie CR

Top 2: Kerozinn CR

Top 3: Alec CR


Few years back.. T1 is the preferred room to get more points in Dt's.. lol smiley

saturday 14/11/2009

Should do something with famous game char. or movie char, or something in that nature.smiley

friday 13/11/2009

French event, a few translate


-19* including one 5* and seven 2*
-Are forbidden : Leaders, Jackie (R), Lyse Teria Cr (Cr), Vickie Cr (Cr), Kiki (R) Cr, General Cr (Cr), DJ Korr Cr (Cr), Tanaereva (U), Guru Cr (Cr), GraksmxxT (R), Copper (U), Hawk (R), Askai, Caelus (R) and Kolos
-Tanaereva (U), Vickie Cr (Cr), Copper (U) et Caelus (R) are allowed in semi-evos
-Are allowed : semi-evos
-No doubles (or two of a kind if you prefer)
-The 5* must be the sole of its clan
-When you win, you are allowed to add one star to your deck.
-When you draw, both players add one star to their decks.
-After 5th round, two players add one bonus star
-You are only allowed to make one change at a time. The new card you add can be of any clan except the one of your 5* card.


September 14,1991

thats my birthdate and also my guess... ehehe...

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