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monday 05/10/2009

Is that supposed to be a gvg? if you want it to be a gvg, join my event where you could battle not just the maverick hunters but many more

saturday 03/10/2009


Come one come all, Join Lyss's first event deleted

Its gonna be fun and different, great twists and great prizes.

Dont miss outsmiley

friday 02/10/2009

Who will be the best Rescue??

event is very simple, I did not want anything complex;
you dial a Deck type ELO Rescue (so without Marco (R) and Alec).

The event is open to the world

THIS GAME IS SO RIGGED I HATE IT!!! OMG when i have more power they win when they have more power they win i mean i havent won a match even with more power is it broken or is my luck THAT bad?

thursday 01/10/2009

@jerromy, you do realize that getting 100 bp in a tourney does not win you a credit,right?

wednesday 30/09/2009

Is he going to change it?

tuesday 29/09/2009

Shadow_na it doesn't even show that you are in a guild

Event will start on thursday 10pm (EST)
so sign up before then

friday 25/09/2009

Come and joined..........deleted

thursday 24/09/2009

What's the word on the "official" fanscript contest?
No Miss Clint City this year?
Okay, I'll be quiet now.smiley

deleted deleted deleted

Standard: jackpot + Terry Cr
100 players: jackpot + Terry Cr + Chikko Cr
200 players: jackpot + Chad Bread Cr
300 players: jackpot + Alec Cr
400 players: jackpot + Vickie Cr

Too bad the deadline has been moved immediately... Oh well smiley

1) Euzebe - her great events are enthralling!
2) Merm - the closest ones are the scariest
3) Korn - he's nice and mostly approachable smiley


prizes have been anounced!!!
check them out smiley

wednesday 23/09/2009

tuesday 22/09/2009

Its time for a..... Join! and maybe win a card and maybe some clintz

Lotsa cards

They find Ghumbo and translate what he was saying:
Where is Mammamara. Huna akatearau.
- Put the translator on level Ghumbo. Not Werewolf.
- OK.
He said:
Where am I? Who are these guys? Here I can’t find other like me. I can’t find good food too.
Hey strange looking people. Is there any food with you.
I want fish. I ate one golden, one grey and one which was 2D. And when I ate them – my mouth begins bleeding and releases my poison slime.
- lelena. – shouted Robin
She came in the same moment.
- Yes. Thank you, you found him. Hello Ghumbo. I will help you. Come with me.
Ghumbo touched her and they disappeared.
(To be continued next Fan Fiction, I just want a massage from the creator of the next Fan fiction, It will be for lelena's army of big creatures)

I saw that on the message board some sentences disappeared. The chapters weren’t more than 1500. I don’t know why that happened.
Sixth chapter last sentence - When Spiaghi ate his spaghetti and licked the dish they decided to sat out to The Piranas. This time the flag was not robbed so they hid behind a bush and started waiting. and some other mistakes are not from me. I wrote everything on word with every chapter less than 1500 symbols

monday 21/09/2009


The more the merrier! smiley

Euzebe you guys still gonna do this ?

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