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saturday 07/11/2009

I'll join, how much is the entrance fee?

The winners will be drawn tomorrow evening at 8 pm (german time GMT + 1:00)

There are not even 40 players but 10 of them are getting a price...
That makes 25% winning chance in a lottery! Where would that be possible smiley?

thursday 05/11/2009

Cut off at 128 because there are laready 86 signed up. Join quick or you may miss out.

40 players strong! Get well soon Dag! smiley

Another Lozer imitation

wednesday 04/11/2009


Ladies join cause it ain't the same without you.

... or me smiley @ X for "hiding" this event from me xD

tuesday 03/11/2009

Join up jack pot of 14000

monday 02/11/2009

$$ One Lottery $$

Enter please.
Price to enter: 100 clintz smiley

The event ended (I am 2nd winner smiley)

sunday 01/11/2009

Close plzsmiley

Event has finished well done to winners.
Mods please close this

Got to 32 and kicked off.

saturday 31/10/2009

Hihi Armi smiley
Franch and English ? GG smiley


This event will be type elo.

You can not use 5 Star cards!

Leaders are not allowed.
Crs are banned.

There will only be 1 stage in this event!
Min level is 25.

Also this will be my last event.

If you are caught using 5* cards,
you will be eliminated from the event without question!
please take screen shot if you see somebody cheating!

A fun event for all players leveled obove 25,

Grand prize is vickie cr

Runner up is jackie

and third place will be a marco !

Hope everybody participates and has fun!

Many thanks,

Mellisa smiley

thursday 29/10/2009

Last call for anyone else still thinking about joining. Battles will start around this time tomorrow, depending on when I get home from work.

wednesday 28/10/2009

smiley this event has just started

Very enjoyable and great interview with the UR artist Sabrina, Thanks. smiley

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