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monday 21/09/2009


The more the merrier! smiley

Euzebe you guys still gonna do this ?


sunday 20/09/2009

This is closed thank you mods

Close please

Hi,My name is combat i am from Heaven's drift
Plz join my event

saturday 19/09/2009

join now smiley

Has anybody else tried what I discovered? I found a few glitches but most were the same from the computer version

friday 18/09/2009

I support smiley, tho um having problems myself coming up with a deck LOL.

If you click this http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rankings/elo.php

Then just click MY POSITION above the ranking

And an tourney goes from Monday morning till Sunday evening

Pyre you do know what'll happen if what you said happens. Loads of players will make lower level account jus tto get more points in dt

At the moment, as what was already stated above, the presence of the stars serves this purpose. As a reference please see http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=stars.

If you have more ideas about possible updates that could be added in the game, please contact the Customers' Support Services or contact an available moderator about it.


thursday 17/09/2009

Click the link and enter LOL

wednesday 16/09/2009

Still want to have alot more participants in this

Sanatanian's Showdown

This is an event for a very special guild: SANITY!!!
Only Sanatanians are invited to play.

Wanna play? join Sanity!
Already a sanatanian? join the event now!!!

*last 12 days so complete your fights fast and I dont wanna hear: "Mmm.. people have too much points I can keep up with them"

There will be prizes for the top 5 players, think you have a chance? smiley

GREAT PRIZES, VERY LOW ENTRANCE FEE (FREE) !!! (donation are welcome, even if you are not a Sanatanian smiley )

tuesday 15/09/2009

As you can see, not everyone agree.
Since this is going to become really pointless, i'll close this thread before the fan-boys and the hate-boys starts fighting each other smiley

monday 14/09/2009

I love the way I can't spell.... *facepalm* It was the keyboard. I blame the keyboard.

What I meant to say above was "I would like to take part" as opposed to the ....Mess that is present. smiley

saturday 12/09/2009


Thanks to all and Mathwiz is the winner officially. The questions did not need to be answered.

Anyway, mods please close this....this puzzle is OVER! smiley

friday 11/09/2009

Lol...everyone should sign up...who knows...you may even see caulifighter's twin brother "barack-oli obama"...lol

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