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thursday 29/10/2009

Last call for anyone else still thinking about joining. Battles will start around this time tomorrow, depending on when I get home from work.

wednesday 28/10/2009

smiley this event has just started

Very enjoyable and great interview with the UR artist Sabrina, Thanks. smiley

tuesday 27/10/2009

monday 26/10/2009

High rollers
Please read the rules on the 1st post.

Note that this is part one. Prizes, entry fees and players will increase for every new part.

High rollers

Sorry to all entrys

The Deck was Deleted for some reason, but im on the case now?

The winner will be found out

I guess if you take a break you wont be able to join my fanfic evensmiley
but its always good to take a break sometimes
hoping to see more of your work latersmiley

sunday 25/10/2009

Lol so how many ppl u got and whens it gonna be judged i rly need some montanas or my u .r is scewerd

saturday 24/10/2009

This event is to reach the level 40

Il mio Livello 40 !!!

friday 23/10/2009

@ Fotia, 08 is August, not last year xD.

You find out about events by looking at this forum, they are advertised. The ones stickied are usually Moderator events, which have better prizes and are interesting.

thursday 22/10/2009

Urban rivals is the best i guarantee and i recomend this game to everyone

wednesday 21/10/2009

Close it did end smiley

thanks everyone

tuesday 20/10/2009

Dangit it thought it was Shayna cuz of her fins

monday 19/10/2009

Still accepting for this friday


Pm if you wanna try

saturday 17/10/2009

thursday 15/10/2009

wednesday 14/10/2009

Sorry but the event started Monday. I set this event up about once a month so keep your eyes peeled for the next free event I send out.

Close please smiley

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