tuesday 28/07/2009

Are you the King of the Daily Tournaments?
Show it in this event!
20k clintz!!

Per i miei 100.000 pnt

cost of inscription 100clintz smiley

monday 27/07/2009


I made event guild wars there are 2 guild in we need 1 more guild who will it be please read it before you want to join .


sunday 26/07/2009

Cool ill join

Join.And accept me

deleted, i strongly advise you read the rules before entering.
There will be 4 groups of clans to be played: sakrohm. nightmare, GHEIST and rescue.
Crs are allowed for this event.
minimum level is 20.
You must have at least enough cards to create a deck for any of the clans.

friday 24/07/2009

Ok I just made this to unload some of my doubles and seeing that it's a LOW jackpot I jsu made 1 winner instead of 3

thursday 23/07/2009

How about min-master an min level-12. Okay. Do you have to pay to get in.

wednesday 22/07/2009

Ya i would like 2 beat u

tuesday 21/07/2009

Registration open till friday.hurry up!!!

Close please I have enough data and please expect my event soon and expect big prizes

sunday 19/07/2009

Cool can i be in

saturday 18/07/2009

Thanks a lot. The next one is going to take some work so that's why I'm taking a bit of a break.

friday 17/07/2009

This event will start in about 4 hours. Giving away cards is like pulling teeth sometimes smiley

Sorry, event has started.

thursday 16/07/2009

C'mon guys!!!300 clintz entrance fee and a chance to get gr8 cards and crs!!!

tuesday 14/07/2009


Mode ELO

12 Life Points
12 Pillz

24 Stars Deck

You can not change your deck during a game

All players must go up against 1 player(s) from his/her group in 5 winning round each.

Your Deck cannot contain more than 8 cards


ONE SHOT KILLER ARE FORBIDDEN (Kolos, Dacote&hellipsmiley


Your Deck cannot contain any developing characters.

Your Deck cannot contain any double characters.


The characters currently banned from the ELO mode by the staff ARE FORBIDDEN

Your Deck cannot contain the following Characters :

Rowdy Gibson
Toro Ludmilla
Kerry Suzie
Yayoi Cassio Cr
Smokey Scubb
Sylth Scopica
Buck Lucia
Trish Gertrud
Olga Noel Grudj
Ryuchi Linda
Lehane Dayton
Sasha Chiara
Murray Uranus

Zatman Nellie Oxen
Kenny Phyllis Azgroth
Edd Spiaghi Mona
Blaaster Shogunn Vermyn N

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