saturday 06/06/2009

thursday 04/06/2009


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Yes actually I am. Need some more for this tourney.

smiley hi
I'm Thinking of doing an in house event for my guild to start off with but need advice on wat to do
please help

wednesday 03/06/2009

It was deleted

The quiz is now over! Tula has been won by AllNightLong smiley

It's been fun, see you in the next edition! Until then, ciao! smiley


tuesday 02/06/2009

monday 01/06/2009

Fabio (U), Dr Saw (C), Wendel (R), Greow (R), Naginata (R), Greesh (U), Sliman (C), Hawkins (U), Smokey (C), Sting (U), Kinjo (U), Sung Tsu (U), Lennox (U), Platoona (C), Shann (U), Petra (U), TrinmkkT (U), Wakai (R), Scotty (R), Scopica (U), William (C), Miss Chloe (R), Glosh (U), Joana
> Want to win these cards and more?
> Await the next QUIZ!!!!! preset and join! Just answer the quiz correctly and win these cards!

> -SyringeNo23-

sunday 31/05/2009

Represent your country, make your country proud.

4 player teams.. 16 Countrys

World Cup 2009/2010.............. Donations are welcome

Tomorrow start the event

Srry but not gonna do this anymore so close this thread please

saturday 30/05/2009


ill join smiley

friday 29/05/2009

Yh yh

thursday 28/05/2009

Please close..thank you

wednesday 27/05/2009

Join if we know i can beat u...XD

tuesday 26/05/2009

monday 25/05/2009


This is going to be ONE DAY of pure onslaught and carnage. Please join and ENJOY BATTLING in an event for a change (instead of getting paired and waiting for a non-existent opponent to respond to ur PM.)

Thanks! smiley

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