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wednesday 09/09/2009

tuesday 08/09/2009

Doesn't semm like it. The event has begined, but you can still join. Please, anybody that want to win clintz?

monday 07/09/2009

A little revision as there is a problem. I have made two presets containing 24 cards in which you can choose the cards that you will be allowed to use. Please see the event page for more information. Thanks mods! smileysmiley

sunday 06/09/2009


saturday 05/09/2009

Close this subject please

LOL... Nice

deleted Come on join

wednesday 02/09/2009

@ deadly-charm
your poem is.... interesting
umm a bit odd and what kind of poem is it supposed to be?

tuesday 01/09/2009

Its in the title! maximum points for winners and minus points for timeouts and deserters!

monday 31/08/2009

And the m1st prize is... Nahi cr! smiley
so sign up for level 30+ smiley

saturday 29/08/2009

Mods, please close this, my fanfic is now up.

Close please

@ Lost_One

Absolutely no human being living here on Earth can be related to being "perfect". Me? I'm just an ordinary person same as you and everybody else. If I was perfect, you'd see a 100% win ratio in my battle record with the complete card collection, with top1 ELO rank, with top1 DT rank every time I play, Top1 in Survivor, etc etc.

friday 28/08/2009


Entry fee : 500 clintz

Deck format : Type 1, No cards over 100,000 clintz

further rules on the event page ..

thursday 27/08/2009

Pls join my event:


tuesday 25/08/2009

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