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sunday 02/08/2009

Upper Class is the first to send all their info. Thanks guys

please close

One i didn't create UM
two i have 1984 in there because its the book i've never read.
read aminal farm though and that was fun.

tuesday 28/07/2009

Join my event

Are you the King of the Daily Tournaments?
Show it in this event!
20k clintz!!

Per i miei 100.000 pnt

cost of inscription 100clintz smiley

monday 27/07/2009


I made event guild wars there are 2 guild in we need 1 more guild who will it be please read it before you want to join .


sunday 26/07/2009

Cool ill join

Join.And accept me

deleted, i strongly advise you read the rules before entering.
There will be 4 groups of clans to be played: sakrohm. nightmare, GHEIST and rescue.
Crs are allowed for this event.
minimum level is 20.
You must have at least enough cards to create a deck for any of the clans.

friday 24/07/2009

Ok I just made this to unload some of my doubles and seeing that it's a LOW jackpot I jsu made 1 winner instead of 3

thursday 23/07/2009

How about min-master an min level-12. Okay. Do you have to pay to get in.

wednesday 22/07/2009

Ya i would like 2 beat u

tuesday 21/07/2009

Registration open till friday.hurry up!!!

Close please I have enough data and please expect my event soon and expect big prizes

sunday 19/07/2009

Cool can i be in

saturday 18/07/2009

Thanks a lot. The next one is going to take some work so that's why I'm taking a bit of a break.

friday 17/07/2009

This event will start in about 4 hours. Giving away cards is like pulling teeth sometimes smiley

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