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monday 22/06/2009

Also , now , each participants will get a Rebecca !

sunday 21/06/2009

15 spot left, cmon people let's join this.

saturday 20/06/2009

Soz close this mods i'll make a new thread

You can not make an event since you are under level 40.

thursday 18/06/2009

Looks like the event is no longer up


Is this a lottery? I see no fight history.

tuesday 16/06/2009

My name with striker and terry in please do what ever you want with konfused . i just want konfused on not konfused ok . ill pay 1k thanks

And yet, nobody figured out the easy way. lol.

Anyway, this subject is now...CLOSED! smiley

monday 15/06/2009

Join prizes are being added

sunday 14/06/2009

Zodiack was won by Patrocle


Replacements needed to replace non-active players

saturday 13/06/2009

Is there a way how you can search for events with random mode on?

If not do you know some good events with random mode?

greetings from Gonk

friday 12/06/2009

6 more players for second group to start smiley

thursday 11/06/2009

Ohhh, next time just use an "I" in front of your line smiley. BTW, I can't wait to reach lvl 40 cause I want to make tournaments for low level players such as yourself. I want to give a feasible winning opportunity to all low players.

tuesday 09/06/2009

Dammitt.. i wanted to join this so bad bt i thought it was may 2009 but its april smiley
i joined in april and im level 32.. i think i wouldve gotten good in that tourney

monday 08/06/2009

It's over! Oxen was won by addiction08!

See you next time!

@leischisto: Different internet sites...


saturday 06/06/2009

thursday 04/06/2009


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Yes actually I am. Need some more for this tourney.

smiley hi
I'm Thinking of doing an in house event for my guild to start off with but need advice on wat to do
please help

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