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wednesday 06/05/2009

Good prizes O_o

1st. Copper + Morphun from -Akro_0Bat-
2nd 50% jackpot + Ambre from -Akro_0Bat-
3rd. 35% jackpot + Timber from -Akro_0Bat-

Heres your chance to win by losing. You must use all your pills and no more than 4 per round no fury

Didnt know that

tuesday 05/05/2009

I changed the prices:

1st) 35% Chad Bread Cr
2nd) 25% Chikko Cr
3rd) 19% Bodenpower and Saddy
4th) 10% Shann and Lennox
5th) Fifty and Kluwn

It got deleted

monday 04/05/2009

Dead or Alive 3

Start Date: Tuesday, 30/06/09
End Date: Friday 31/07/09
Maximum Number of players: 128
Participation fee: 1000 clintz
Minimum Level: 20 - Highest Level: 100
Minimum level: Novice - Highest Grade: Divinity

- Deck Type T2

- Matches will be played (no random)

- No Semi EVO

- No double cards

- No Cr

To Win:
1. 50% of the Jackpot Glosh + + Shakra
2. 25% of the Jackpot Glosh + + Lin Xia
3. 10% of the Jackpot + + Jessie Glosh
4. Glosh + Scotty
5. Glosh


------ FAIR PLAY IS MY GAME -------

Close this thread plz since we have a winner

sunday 03/05/2009

Awesome about me leveling up or awesome about the prizes? anyways thanks for the support, we got about 13-14 players but i want at least 20 to start, i'll be starting it next wensday reguardless

How do i join?

saturday 02/05/2009

x god if you think you are more better than him join and lets see .

he is strong and smart if you think you can make him lose try it .

He picked Rescue, Jungo and...forgot the other one. lol...I'm getting too old or forgetful these days.

thursday 30/04/2009

I might take part in this if u want
i live in england btw

In playing mode right now. If anybody applies now, I'll have to wait till the first battles are finished

wednesday 29/04/2009

Tomorrow we go then notifies you today and plays with, inter alia, against the best German guilds!

Have fun and see you TB_GET MFG-X ELO

monday 27/04/2009

And as always I forgot the link.

Please, join. Especially those, who are in top of Dailies. Of course, if you are ready to put away loved Zatman, Jackie and Vickie Cr for a moment.

74 players have joined to event! In few days is begin the tournament!

sunday 26/04/2009

1 more week till it's starts
so 1 more week to sign up if you want in

One and a bit hours left

saturday 25/04/2009

Very looooooooong event.

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