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thursday 20/08/2009

Pussycats allowed

tuesday 18/08/2009

.......still not link.

sunday 16/08/2009

Mods, d4gs can somebody tell me who won this tourney?

saturday 15/08/2009

Urban Rivals In Concert is having a bonus round open to the public, to enter you must create a public preset of a band, the band can include singers, musicians, designers, security, whatever.

A Panel of judges has been choosen to pick the best.

It is up to you wether your deck is usuable or not, as some judges may prefer usuable decks and others may prefer creativity etc..

All entrys should be posted IN THE RUSSIAN COMMENTS OF EVENT PAGE
The closing date is the 22nd Of August.

Urban Rivals In Concert

friday 14/08/2009

Wow a whole alec in a tourney
i would join but i'm too high smiley
but you can join now and you could get an alec and 50% of the jackpot wow!

wednesday 12/08/2009

"its just on the cards you get when you go into battle and how you use them"

Cap'n obvious strikes again smiley

Its just that Uppers tend to have a higher chance of drawing brokenly good cards and that the lower min on bonus gives a more varied use of how to use them.

sunday 09/08/2009

Keep on sending that art in

First 2 eliminated!!! smileysmileysmiley

S5-MoCKY and 0UC_MeRMaiD smileysmiley

friday 07/08/2009

In this event you whether have to win or lose. Only a worthy winner or a complete loser gets the prize.

Yeah my selecta ! you a big bwoy ya !
Di winnas a deh ! 2 rrrroooots bwoya , 2 rrrrude bwoya !

Raaaasss ! Mista Clem-Squall di fast JA live champion, 24 points in 10 game ina secon stage, him a get Rrrraaaaasss Cr !
Mista Pub-Mollo89 di secon rroootbwoya, 24 ina 8 game, get di Chikko Cr.
UN_None di oda champion, gat 21 points, get Blaaaster !
Bahamut him get 17 points an di four place, an get Vermyn N.

Big up all deh !

wednesday 05/08/2009

Its harder because the prizes are so big.

monday 03/08/2009

Close please i deleted it do to complaints

I have no idea how to even join or go to a tournament can anyone help?

sunday 02/08/2009

With all the stories and newly discovered fanart, I decided to create a fan page dedicated to the fan stuff to UR (www.wix.com/yaoihuntressearth/Clint-City-Stories). And now that I've rested up a bit, I will be making a new story which is a true sequel of the first one which you'll find on the site. And don't worry, I also made censored and uncesnored versions of them.

Upper Class is the first to send all their info. Thanks guys

please close

One i didn't create UM
two i have 1984 in there because its the book i've never read.
read aminal farm though and that was fun.

tuesday 28/07/2009

Join my event

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