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sunday 24/05/2009

Sploosh? what the **** is that?

saturday 23/05/2009

Como me inscrevo num torneio

Letter O is here. Make the best O Deck in Clint City.
Some nice options and Clans available.
Alphabetic Cup - O

Must have atleast one terry during battle or withdraw if he didnt withdraw take screenshot

friday 22/05/2009

Interesting event but you should lower the minium level.

thursday 21/05/2009

Win a free Fifty and a few Clintz just by being Creative for 10 Seconds!

I just posted a link to a picture, TimeToWonder and me just took.
All you gotta do is send me a Headline to the Picture via PM.

Best three Headlines win a Fifty, best / funniest Headline gets 2.5k Clintz extra.

Have fun!

And here´s the link:



Sari's Story.
It's a beautiful day at this park, the last bench is a cute sitting place.
Kati's first sit in the bench. smiley

cuddle story's for free!
I'll select a cuddle story and read it.
Enjoy! smiley

I created some videos for next film festival!
I didn't send them in You tube, but I sure to enjoy those videos! smiley

tuesday 19/05/2009

Doubled letter means same letters next to each other,like
Edd, Beetenka, Blaaster, Copper

monday 18/05/2009

Please join my event! Take a look inside and see what you can get!



Welcome to da Clint City Jamrock!
Road to Zion....road to Clint City's chillout-zone....da place where we just Chill (U), dance and play cards!
Roots in the city....big up to all bad gyalz....big up to all warriors...go down and wine! J
ah Jah in Love!
Have fun and PLAY FAIR! A tribute to big Bob Marley and al this love to da game!
Call it....Clint City's first Summer Jam!

sunday 17/05/2009

Please close this since I deleted the event.

Nobody else wants to join?

saturday 16/05/2009

thursday 14/05/2009

wednesday 13/05/2009

After some pause and other Events Alphabetic Cups are back.
Very tricky letter this time - N.

Come, join and show everyone, that you have the best N Deck in Clint City. Alphabetic Cup - N

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