monday 20/04/2009


wacky event with twist
entry is 500 clints
for the first round you have to pick a partner
and its type 1 for the first round no random
the twist for the first round will not be revealed until the event has started
pm me or post who your partner is
and you can't switch partners.
This is for first ound only, you wont stay with your partner after the first round, there will be new groups after the first round

check event for prizes

Prizes are:
1. 25% of jackpot + Burger
2. 20% of jackpot + Dean
3. 20% of jackpot + Molly
4. 20% of jackpot + Mitch

sunday 19/04/2009

No Abilities
hope you like it

saturday 18/04/2009

Need More to join smiley

Starting soon smiley

friday 17/04/2009

Well you can use her because she has 1power

thursday 16/04/2009

Bump looks very nice ive sent request to join

Its over please close thx

come and join the sequel event to prize fighter!!!!

I could be wrong but aren't lotteries banned?

wednesday 15/04/2009

Please if someone is intersted contact me privatly and not here because i can't always watch the american forum....

The Event is still hiring if players still want to join!

1. Yes, as long as I define myself both as body and soul I can leave my body standing in a place and travel with my mind in another.
2. No, as long as I am speaking about my physical presence in multiple events.
3. Yes, if you manage to reach the speed of light, meaning 300.000 km/s, you can stop the time, according to Einstein Relativity Theorem, and you can move to different places, with the time being frozen - but this is relative. smiley

tuesday 14/04/2009

I think its just deleted ...this is old smiley
lock it , delete it ....or watevah smiley

monday 13/04/2009

13 player are in join so they will be more .smiley

This is my eveNt


-play oNly Old: No pillz
-match is based on the attack of cards
-this event haven't a jeckpot or a prize for the best, sorry
-are banned Rescue
-is banned Hugo
-aren't accepted duble

registratioN is FREE

I wait your subscriptions

Hey dude, i wanted this to be a clan thing, please just accept people from our clan if possible

sunday 12/04/2009

friday 10/04/2009

The hunt has begun its too l8 to join now

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