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tuesday 31/03/2009

When do u plan to start his?

Good event, im backin fangi pi to win if someone has all the Cr's, if not then pussycats will win

Event opens in a few hours

APRIL FOOLS EVENT is an early april fools game!
all rules are explained and everyone is invited! All the blacks, indians, whites, oh and no asians... asians are weenies... lol APRIL FOOLS! WHo cares if you win, all you gotta do is lose. You gotta make someone happy in your life and in this event you WILL make your opponent happy. What im saying is... im dumb and stupid... lol jk ok seriously the aim of the game is to get the most points and to fight as many people as you can( you win= add20 points, you lose=add 20 points). so come on and join APRIL FOOLS EVENT

monday 30/03/2009


Why 127?

Well, I had another event going on called the 5k tourney. The 4th place prize was a guaranteed spot in this tourney, which is going to Dennis1012

Good Luck everyone!

sunday 29/03/2009

Join join join join

I did close it sry guys i will make new one whan new cr show up .....

i did buy all clans that have good chance to be cr .

friday 27/03/2009

More people pleasesmiley

Ok i need one more fang pi users( remember these cards are allowed:
naginata dacote chan szhi chun

Please close .

Join if your the best


thursday 26/03/2009

A lot of places left and one more Prize added.
Winner gets also Malmoth.

Thanks guys

@Chillin: look at the first post again, 200-500 clinz depending on the dificulty.

wednesday 25/03/2009

I'm number 4 but I am satisfied smiley
Thanks Euzebe for this Event! smiley

15 spots left, tournament starts this Friday. You must join before then!

tuesday 24/03/2009

Ok close thread, I'm going to have to remake event smiley


monday 23/03/2009

Please contact the customers' support services for these kind of problems.


Event created specially for the lovers of the Sentinel.

Sentinel Rules!

- Only Sentinel decks allowed
-Deck Type 2
- No doubles cards
- no Leaders
- 12 pillz and 12 lives

Donations are accepted!!!! smiley


Sentinel Rules!

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