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thursday 26/03/2009

Thanks guys

@Chillin: look at the first post again, 200-500 clinz depending on the dificulty.

wednesday 25/03/2009

I'm number 4 but I am satisfied smiley
Thanks Euzebe for this Event! smiley

15 spots left, tournament starts this Friday. You must join before then!

tuesday 24/03/2009

Ok close thread, I'm going to have to remake event smiley

monday 23/03/2009

Please contact the customers' support services for these kind of problems.


Event created specially for the lovers of the Sentinel.

Sentinel Rules!

- Only Sentinel decks allowed
-Deck Type 2
- No doubles cards
- no Leaders
- 12 pillz and 12 lives

Donations are accepted!!!! smiley


Sentinel Rules!

sunday 22/03/2009

And my other one. Prizes almost 80 000clintz in cr cardssmiley

This is my second event, and i would like over 25 ppl to join

the entrance fee is 500 clintz and it a Type 2 Tourney

the only rule is that NO ELO BANNED CARDS


saturday 21/03/2009

friday 20/03/2009

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=5415 evry body is wellcome

Ppl it will ends this day be fast and join now.

I'll join - sounds like an interesting game

Rule change: Atleast 50 people are needed before this event ends. 20 people before it starts

my brawl for all to join for 300clintz
type 2

thursday 19/03/2009

Close please .

deleted, the movie that shows the GHEIST's attempt to control Clint City once and for all. Will they make it? Stay tuned!


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