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saturday 25/08/2018

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Chaos what happen to Friday smiley

wednesday 22/08/2018

Didn't we see Sentenza in his 2* art last year just before GhosTown was released

tuesday 21/08/2018

Thanks nepeta, I'm still I did get to have a little fun at Tourney today ,but the problem is still there I'll wait it out until the staff fixes it

sunday 19/08/2018

I'm wondering about that Tokenz deal that is available at the moment on mobile apps. 2 Armaggedon Packs give 60 Tokenz again.
Was there any news about it? Or a statement why the so called "last Tokenz deal" is obviously not the last?

Well, Harrow Ld was not so free. Not enough to login to get him.

friday 17/08/2018

thursday 16/08/2018

La Junta:
No changes necessary for now.

- - - -

No changes necessary for now.

- - - -

The clan was rarely played, but a New Blood for them arrives tomorrow…

- - - -

We think the clan, in overall strength, is fine right now.
However, in order to increase the number of playable options for the clan and increase the diversity in deck bulding, we decided to swap Selene with Crunchy.

- - - -

The swap Langren for Barden slightly reduced Piranas playrates and winrates, but they firmly stayed at the top of the ranking.
This clan was a bit of a headache for us.
At first, we thought about lowering Langren to Polit Arena and restore a slightly weaker card.
However, there aren’t any 3* in Polit Arena that would meet this requirement.
We also considered 2 other possibilities: lowering De4th Ld damages to 4, or lowering Lagertha.
Since #dea4th ld was already modified past month, we decided to go for the second option.
Lagertha goes down, Raskal comes back.
We are aware that lowering Lagertha is a huge nerf to Piranas, that lose their main offensive card.
This is also why, in order to increase the clan number of playable choices, we also decided to restore Amiral Coco in place of Kousto.
We will closely observe the effect of this change this month.

- - - -

Kit-E resulted to be slightly too strong for Z Palace, making Pussycats an incredibly solid low star support clan.
We would like to try and see Pussycats being also played as an offensive clan, not only as a support one.
To achieve this, we decided to try a couple of swaps:
Kit-E for Roxie, Deborah for Malicia

- - - -

The clan was rarely played, but a New Blood for them arrives soon… ; )

- - - -

No changes necessary for now.

- - - -

The 3 cards block Dr Web Ld - Pr Balthazar - Agnes was extremely prominent past season, and we have to address this issue.
We would like Riots to be a more balanced clan, being able to play 4 good cards instead than only 3 optimal ones.
We decided to swap Agnes with Lenora.
We think Lenora is a card that can contribute to the meta to stop all those pesky exchange damage cards running around, while being less of a problem in combination with Pr Balthazar and Dr Web.

- - - -

No changes necessary for now.

- - - -

No changes necessary for now.

- - - -

No changes necessary for now.

- - - -

The clan was rarely played.
We would like to try and enhance Skeelz capabilities as a mono deck control: Minerva comes back in place of Navi, and Dr Falkenstein comes back in place of Kephren.
We considered the return of Xingshu (and #cannibal jo cr for Raptors), but while they may be fine played with the respective clans, we are afraid of the high potential these cards have when splashed or used in 2-6 / 3-5 combinations.

- - - -

Ulu Watu
No changes necessary for now.

- - - -

The swap we did last month didn’t help much the clan.
We decided to restore Sean East in place of Christelle, and to modify Gail Ld: from 7-2 Killshot: -3 opp life min 0 to 7-1 Degrowth: +1 Damage.
This chance will avoid having multiple cards in Z Palace with a Killshot ability, and will provide the clan with a solid low stars opener card, something they have been missing in Z Palace for a while.
Also, Gail retains it’s strenght as an offensive 2* card for DT.
Depending on the clan results this month, we may decide to restore Christelle again next month in place of Kristen Dust, or to leave the clan as it is.

- - - -

No changes necessary for now.

wednesday 15/08/2018

Valid points rowdy and I can see why playing first can sometimes be beneficial but then it should be about when you played most of your games and not just your last one (particularly considering you can just ask a friend to help you finish)
Obviously I will adjust in future coliseums but still think it should just be random

monday 13/08/2018

- There will be a monthly soft reset.
- The hard reset will be removed, no one's score will drop down to 0.

Good news

The rest is just eh

When do we get the reward for the end of the EFC season? I didn't struggle for three weeks to reach the Z Palace and not get the reward, right? If anything I should get a bigger reward cause I reached it in a week less.

It was probably the best version of survivor that I have played(besides t1 survivor). But I think it was due to the new bans.

Some of the days that I played I could not find players to battle,I don't know if it was due to lack of players or something wrong with the game.

Overall, I really enjoy the different layouts being thrown at us such a different limits in stars and card limit. It felt new and smooth

friday 10/08/2018

Omg Chaos fixed Miss Stella smiley

@Yurieu - I asked my cat about it.
Hate to admit it, but you're right. Mikki is an a$$hole. smiley

And Graks is one to claim fame he doesn't deserve, either. Guess they deserve each other, after all. smiley

wednesday 08/08/2018

Happy Birthday, Urban Rivals! smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

monday 06/08/2018

It was great. I gladly enjoyed a non hive meta smiley

friday 03/08/2018

smiley does that mean its Dominion, Montana, Huracan?

wednesday 01/08/2018

Can we have another Coliseum soon, please?
They're more convenient than the events. Not being unappreciative of the events! I'm glad we have an awesome team of people doing those.

Some of us simply prefer Coliseum. Thanks. smiley

At least Yellow gave arguments, and not random excuses to complain because his favourite cards were banned like some people do.

Sentinel were a good clan before Slade came out, he is similar to Sabia so banning him was enough and Martha shouldn't have been banned in my opinion. Similar with La Junta, any of them was ok but both cards seem too much. Zatman Cr isn't "average stats" and "subpar" ability at all, the card is clearly OP and deserved ban, I also understand Saltsberg ban because of Herman, Nega D Ld and other potential 10dmg card and Uppers still have plenty of 2* for DT.
About Oxana I don't know, Aamir, Hans Spinner and Saki are better but banning one of them was too much maybe. Toro Cr and Oscar are similar, OP cards and you have other 4* and 3* to replace them. Hawkins Cr had a lot of synergy with the rest of the clan, that min 1 and attack manips like De4th Ld and Taljion were easy DT

Thanks, @batdut5. smiley

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