monday 23/02/2009

The event was closed.

Maybe close ths thread?

Event begins in about 12 hours. accepting registration till then or once the first match is played... whichever is later

You must be lvl 40 before you can create tournaments
If there is someone in your guild of lvl 40 or higher they may do it
otherwise your out of luck

deleted new event i made entrance fee is 800 clintz first place takes 50% second takes 20% third gets 10% and one player in the top 8 will recieve lin xia as a prize starts march first ends march 22nd as long as you speak english/spanish you can join the event without problesm but if you have a translator or something you can join as well. (si necesitan que se lo tradusca a espanol diganme)

sunday 22/02/2009

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Join join join

They should drop It to 35 no lower

saturday 21/02/2009

Event is full. Thanks for all the support. I'll do another one next week.

I'd like 1 more person to join please! We have 17 people (and that's a prime number).

It's not easy making groups with a prime number...!!! smileysmileysmiley

True That Storm Good Luck Tough smiley

friday 20/02/2009

The biggest looser is the biggest winnersmileysmiley


wednesday 18/02/2009

monday 16/02/2009

After great battles in Alphabetic Cup - J we are ready for Alphabetic Cup - K.
A lot of strong and powerful cards - Kolos, Kenny, Kerozinn Cr and others.
Come and join -

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sunday 15/02/2009

Ok I've started a new blanket ban, and I know some of you have been regulars for a while now and got rejected and are going to be confused.

European countries that aren't the UK/Scotland/Ireland are going to be dropped. South American Countries are on a case by case basis.

Part of this is due to the ridiculous time zone jumps. It's way early in the morning for many of you. Part of this is because these tournaments are intended for the American/Philipino/Aussie/Canada/NZ/Etc community. It had always been that way but I was allowing a lot to slide on case by case.

I feel it's time to clamp down. I'm sorry to those of you who were regulars who got nailed by this blanket ban. I will miss you guys and I did enjoy playing against you (And don't go changing your flags. I know who you are.)

My tournaments are attracting more and more people each week and it's getting impossible to see that everyone gets challenged without huge wait times, especially during to the 2pm Rush Hour. So... I'm going to have to clamp down.

I'm also no longer making exceptions for Red Faces and challenging them early. This too is not fair to the players who have worked hard to maintain a fair play rating.

Please Note. I stay Invisible in the room to ensure that the Quick Challenge is not interrupted by players trying to challenge me, but I am in the room the entire time.


I wanted to organize this tournament in the world at war world-mode type 1 entry in 1000 clitnz | | =) that say a mega event to confront major heroes

excuse my language but I am Italian

Damn i wanted to win. what did i get right?

Instructions and Details are in the preset.

friday 13/02/2009

Don't you have to be level 40 to make the event?

thursday 12/02/2009

Last day to join for anyone who is still interested. I will be starting this event as soon as I get on tomorrow. I've gotten a good turnout, but the more that join, the better the prizes will be (including the cards, which I will announce tomorrow after I look through my collection, and see how many more players join).

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