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thursday 12/03/2009

i know it's alot like the ones euzebe(hope i spelled it right) has made. so it's kinda a tribute to them if you can say thatsmiley
but flee free to joinsmiley

wednesday 11/03/2009

House Blend, Filter

Whoops... how'd that happen. hahaha, ah well. You mean here. Thanks for the catch Palarith.

Too bad theres no Review button on this message board.

Cut Off will be at 128 Players. Otherwise it's just too big (for me) to handle readily. At the current pace of postulants, we could be there in a couple of hours so sign up now.

Can we have some info about the iPod iphone version

tuesday 10/03/2009

Please guess at the preset
mods please close this so people realize

Come on! one more!

monday 09/03/2009

Tourney is starting in about 2 hours - if anyone wants to join, now's the time! smiley

Moderators please close it
i am not the maker of this thread but i am sure that he wont make a third round
and war kidd he comes out whithout any punishment?????
that is unfair he had hosed us with this tournament!

I could get top 50 easily but it really depends on your opponents your challenging

It wont take me anywhere (the link)

I seem to get some of those bastards too that just want to stall on purpose... Had one actually time out on me too... annoying

sunday 08/03/2009

The stress of ELO and DT getting to ya?
Tired of keeping track of points?

Relax, my friend, it sa'll good now

The For Fun Tournies are here to help, based around insane rules.
There is no admission, there is no prize. All you gotta do is play


Join today~

Guild members join these event and lead your guild to GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Destructive Nature Vs Forever Forgotten

Thanks Euzebe! smiley

saturday 07/03/2009

5 star war


friday 06/03/2009

Then the purpose is of imagine me in card following the following criteria:
- You can choose how much I shall have of evolution - you have to choose the clan existing to which I belong - you have to choose my power already existing - you have to create me my biography linking me to a character of the game by quoting him
- The design may be done by computer or by hand
- No existing character (eg no right to return to Aerith
my avatar)
- Contact me via private messages once your completed achievement for me
to send you my email address to send me your creations

Good luck to all

Le cosplay d'Ana

wednesday 04/03/2009

Wendel's 'Puny Baby' Challenge is currently recruiting! The Victor of the Event shall be taking home 50% of the entire jackpot and shall be able to tell Wendel that he ain't no Puny Baby.

The idea behind the event is that is normal format with a T2 deck. However, I am encouraging MONSTER decks. I want you to put together a deck that is 30+ on stars and really go to town on this unique event. I am asking you to grab your meaniest, strongest and heaviest deck that you can concieve and unleash it against your opponent.

Please read the rules and I hope you enjoy the Event!

Only the strong and fearless need to apply as Wendel won't allow weaklings.



It seems people are afraid of losing to me, so I added a twist: if you manage to go to the 4th round and beat me again, you'll get diyo cr. Now you can get around 40 000 clintz for just beating me a few times smiley

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