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sunday 18/01/2009

Entry Fees Are Lowered To 300 !!

Please Join !!

Oh yeah definatly joing if prize are good time to show ghiest supremecy !!!!!!!!

saturday 17/01/2009

all can win but can you loose?

no pillz no cards less than 2 power allowed nor cards less than 5 damage

1st gets 85%


Great deck advice, disscusion boards, and a whole lot more tale a shot for the gold

thursday 15/01/2009

All the 128 vacant had been filled!

The first phase will initiate tomorrow, friday, and will finish in one week! Good luck to all.

But remembering that in the first phase, all play against all of players of your respective groups, and the two best ones of each group they pass for the next phase!


Absolutely. The event won't begin until February, so there's still time to enter. New folks are especially encouraged. ;-]


YEAH! The SA is back in town!!!!

wednesday 14/01/2009

Ok then anyone want to join the entry fees is now 100 clintz

tuesday 13/01/2009

Leveling means your card is level up
in DT room, they make it 0 (so no one can use this a stheir advantage, before it's 5 BP)
note that in the rules, they forgot to change this one

but in another room, (use traning room, you got more exp for your card there)
the calculation is (when level up)
current level - starting level * 10 BP

for example
you have hugo (hugo starting level is 1)
when you level up to level 2:
2 - 1 * 10 = 10 BP

when you level up to level 3:
3 - 1 * 10 = 20 BP

when you level up to level 5:
5 - 1 * 10 = 40 BP

what happen if their starting point is different?

for example
don (don starting level is 3)
don level 4:
4 - 3 * 10 = 10 BP

don level 5:
5 - 3 * 10 = 20 BP

so, it's vary from each card

this event will have all the same decks players will get the same cards and so there will be no objection on who is the best

a deck with the foll cards should be equipped by all players in the event room
lino borsa

1st gets 35% of the jackpot
2ndgets 30% of the jackpot
3rd gets 25% of the jackpot

monday 12/01/2009

Please close mods. thank you.

Join deleted

simple rules

sunday 11/01/2009


More Jackpot

Babs Hartley beat me to the constructive critism. I definately see some improvement, but the lack of capitalizing letters and sentience structure still needs a lot of work. As for story itself you have a good start though Hawk's death felt really sudden.

Hey, um, I can't do anything, sorry, but it won't let me see the event.


I asked Customer support about it, so I'll be accepting the rest of you once its fixed.

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