wednesday 31/12/2008

I'm in, happy new year Thans obito you rock

Our winning number is 2
the only winner is zbvm

Mods, u should just lock this, its dead

tuesday 30/12/2008

Bump because this tourney is interesting and more people should join

Come on people ..lets join smiley

Because Uppers is super hard to beat right?

It might start in 2 days

monday 29/12/2008

Lol forgot about this because i went to France anywho bumping this thread and once it reaches 25 ill stop it



if you don´t reach the podium you will receive a yu mei too...
600 clintz
Max 32 players


sunday 28/12/2008

Post the link here and i want to join so i payed 500

Mod please close this..i will make a new one since this contained the link that is offending

Come on.... are you afraid???
isn't a big chalange fight to escape form elimination???

i'm waiting...
16/32 smiley

saturday 27/12/2008

Wat, is this suppose to be a tease so that we well join yr guild? smiley

friday 26/12/2008

People join smiley
Entry fee: 500
1st: 45% of the jackpot
2nd: 25% of the jackpot
3rd: 15% of the jackpot
4rd - ... : invisible cookie smiley

(prices may change to cards)

I'm in

thursday 25/12/2008

The guild Yin and Yang would like to begin having weekly tournaments, sometimes in house only, and other times open for all players. The problem is we don't have anyone that is a high enough level to start our own events and so we are looking for someone who is level 40+ who can help us out. You wouldn't have to join the guild if you don't want to and you would be entitled to keep 15% of the jackpot for each event that you hold for us. If you are interested, post here or PM me and I'll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Founder of Yin and Yang

I would like to do the raffle please

wednesday 24/12/2008

Come and join!

btw. Merry Christmas

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