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monday 02/02/2009

Any filipnios strong oens plz join deleted
we r needing u during this period
kamusta! bonjour! hola! hi!

Now up to 30 players in the competition but I'm still looking for more to take part. Remember, the more players we have, the higher the prizes are going to be!

sunday 01/02/2009

Somebody should just close this, it's over already

Wat chikko cr is worth over 9k.

Ahh we meet again this is for feb 14 ends sometime

you make love poems or haiku's random card

you can make up to how many poems you want

Your blood will taste like candy
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and sta*ler or how ever u spell his name

saturday 31/01/2009

deleted is a lotery of one kolos smiley

Tournament for the low level 5 to level 20 lucky


friday 30/01/2009

1. fanscript 1
2. fanscript 8
3. fanscript 5

thursday 29/01/2009

I'll start this tourney when the popularity picks up a bit more. Until then, I'm going to pester you all until more interest arises. smiley


Beginner's Luck (http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=2519)

We're up to 24 players, and set to start once February hits. Check it out!

Premise - Lower level players start with a few bonus points. Decks are limited to cards that anyone might have access to. Any questions, feel free to drop me a line. ;-]


wednesday 28/01/2009


Price: 500

Read the rules smiley
And please join

Starts tommoro

Close this thread please

tuesday 27/01/2009

Everyone join if you like using leaders in this fun event

monday 26/01/2009

30th Question released smiley

Join and expand your knowledge smiley

sunday 25/01/2009

We always open Not the same decks To the Imagination, for a tournament where is important it also trains him' and not only the fortune
Rescue Uppers Junkz Sentinel Sakrom

It will start in 24 hours. Join while you cansmiley

saturday 24/01/2009

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