sunday 07/12/2008


Thanks a lot Graffiti.

I think most people would join if you'd say you wont keep 40% of the profits
if you take 40% the rest would be 1st place 30% 2nd place 20% and 3rd place 10%
do you think it's reasonable, that you get more money then winner, just cause you organised it?

saturday 06/12/2008

I think the voting is overwhelming for #2. Ok then. I'll be posting some options soon.


Correction: Damgark is the winner.

his corrected score is 13. i made a mistake of giving 3 pts instead of 4pts for a correct stats guess he made. smiley

friday 05/12/2008

Colse this thanx

thursday 04/12/2008

Event's end smiley

wednesday 03/12/2008

Slowly getting there, so far looks good! Sorry if things are going slowly but the sooner we get more people the sooner we can get started! smiley

Would like to hear from players who reads this, why they wouldnt want to join aswell! smiley

tuesday 02/12/2008

- low damagers

fee: 400

No Freaks and other poisoners nor healers
No SOA and SOB clans nor cards
No Pussycats (other reducers allowed)
only cards with max 3 damage (including ability and bonus)
min. 30 stars deck

7/12 - 21/12


Nobody wants the cake?

monday 01/12/2008

You have every change to play mphdragon. That's something you can ALWAYS do in UR is play. You don't have to wait for tournaments, or events. You can, at any time, go into a room and just play.

Slight Change In Rules . See It !! smiley

15 messages

End of this tournament.

I had to take a difficult decision about this tournament. Some of you played in a pretty unfair way and I've seen some insults here.
That's why I decided to disqualified two players of the top 3 according to proof I've found of obvious cheating and insults. This behaviour in an event is really disappointing and unfair to others.

Let's see our winners :
Tanto89 , spagr and Gumbo123 have won a Shawoman Cr
Congratulations !!

Just a few days left to sign up! You know you want in!

Cmon people. there are 9 players already. 7 more slots to go.

the pot is already @ 7200 (less 5%). smiley

no expensive cards needed to play.

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