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friday 23/01/2009

1 message borad
2 edd, rosa
3 murray

Am i too late to join? also, what is the entry fee?

Lock it or delete it

thursday 22/01/2009

Kreen will be given as a prize if 2 more players join

wednesday 21/01/2009

Evry body is wellcome

This tourney has begun. It is no longer accepting entrants. This topic may be deleted. Thank you.

Is this still happening or its over?

monday 19/01/2009

This is a type one event made by mesmiley like the name said deleted the rules are simple type 1 fights 5 straight battles against each player in the event the prices will be 50% to first place 30% to second place 10% to third place and one random player placed in the top 10 will recieve one rare card depending on the size of the jackpot so the more poeple that join the higher the value of the card. post all comments on this thread and the events thread preferably on both but i will only answer any questions on the event thread.

OK, I searched playing and ended events end didn't find there one.
Anyway - I think - there is a place for a lot of events and rules/prizes in this case are quite different.
So, people - come and join, event is still open. As I see - both of them.

In the 1st post smiley

This event starts in 2.5 hours... I will accept registration until the first game is played.

sunday 18/01/2009

Entry Fees Are Lowered To 300 !!

Please Join !!

Oh yeah definatly joing if prize are good time to show ghiest supremecy !!!!!!!!

saturday 17/01/2009

all can win but can you loose?

no pillz no cards less than 2 power allowed nor cards less than 5 damage

1st gets 85%


Great deck advice, disscusion boards, and a whole lot more tale a shot for the gold

thursday 15/01/2009

All the 128 vacant had been filled!

The first phase will initiate tomorrow, friday, and will finish in one week! Good luck to all.

But remembering that in the first phase, all play against all of players of your respective groups, and the two best ones of each group they pass for the next phase!


Absolutely. The event won't begin until February, so there's still time to enter. New folks are especially encouraged. ;-]


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