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saturday 03/01/2009

Great Tournament! Join!!

The good part is that we can only make a deck using double letter cards like miSS Ming, blAAster, platOOna or scuBB!

The event on the 25th was cancelled because we were all busy over Xmas. A new event will be opened on monday the 5th.

friday 02/01/2009

Ok close plz no interest

Not there

thursday 01/01/2009

Just for fun.
Consotation prizes smiley


Can i be a solo clan? because im pretty sure i can take the majority of people?

Emeth: Greatness48... Post 129
Willy: dennis1012... Post 53
Vasili: njhockey_ECLA ... Post 109

Burt: Dtx30_UM Fast... Post 90
Don: 0UC_Shadow... Post 15
Kinjo: dj_ansh... Post 157

Winston: Returner... Post 74
Mario: TEEN_JUNK ... Post 182
Mickey T: Pein EVO

wednesday 31/12/2008

I'm in, happy new year Thans obito you rock

Our winning number is 2
the only winner is zbvm

Mods, u should just lock this, its dead

tuesday 30/12/2008

Bump because this tourney is interesting and more people should join

Come on people ..lets join smiley

Because Uppers is super hard to beat right?

It might start in 2 days

monday 29/12/2008

Lol forgot about this because i went to France anywho bumping this thread and once it reaches 25 ill stop it

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