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saturday 29/11/2008

No answers to this? I just want to know if this issue is being looked into by the devs?

wednesday 26/11/2008

Remember to get your week 2 games in by friday and to sign up for your week 3 games

monday 24/11/2008

Umm, registration is still open smiley

Up 2 more people and i`ll start

One week remaining for registration
i would like to start battles december 1st

Two things:
1. You can send me a list of cards instead of a preset if you want to enter.
2. New Prizes:
1st place: 100 clintz times the number of entrants minus 50 clintz if there are over ten entrans OR a card of equal value.
2nd place: 40 clintz times the number of entrants minus 20 if there are over ten entrants OR a card of equal value.
3rd place: 10 clintz times the number of entrants.

the prizes increased for first and second place. i might decide to increase the third place prize later. All the other rules stay
the same.

1) Brutox from GHEIST
2) there are 4 collectors present
3) 14 if leaders are counted
4) Level 60
5) 7 English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch
6) Yes and No
7) March 26 , 2008
smiley you can see 150 scores in the Daily Tournament History
9) 18
10) the answers is: 27 - 5 = 22

sunday 23/11/2008

Jackie punched estalt and he was knocked out.When he woke up he found the tranny and the tranny's friend on top off him

Moderators this is not working

PLease close


Did i not win?


N= nodrodroid



It is starting today ..smiley

saturday 22/11/2008

I can be your master...

If the target number of players is not reached, the event would be deleted. (Hopefully the clintz would be returned to their respective players without any deductions.)

I need judges. also i change prize cause my cousin sold my leila.smiley new prize will be 6 flyerssmiley

friday 21/11/2008

We're off!!! The event is live and ready for a weekend of battles. Good luck and hope to see you in the final smiley

thursday 20/11/2008

Winner takes all tourney (minus 5% for Kate, and 10% for me), 800 Clintz entry fee. 38 Star Limit, ELO banned cards are banned. Take a shot and try to win the Jackpot.

You have to play clan combos that people don't normally play. Freaks/Bangers or Fang Pi Clang/Junkz. I've never seen either of those in ELO!

Yep, it's Thursday were I live and we haven't heard from warr kid yet, maybe he meant next Monday?

wednesday 19/11/2008

Thanks for a great event!smiley

Hurraysmiley Returner won the Sobbing prize. Don't forget to share your Globumm around the guild smiley

Congrats to all those that made it into the top 4 smiley

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