wednesday 05/11/2008


@Daigon, you're welcome. I'm going to try to get registration up shortly, once this one is over, and I decide on a deck for the next one, but it won't be starting until probably mid January, as I'm going to be busy for the most part through the end of the holidays, so if you want to keep and eye out for the tourney, and I'll try to remind you in advance as well.

To the finalists, once the you have completed your fights, I will sell you a cheap card for 50 clintz, and you can sell it back for 10k or 5k, based on whether you won or lost. If you would prefer a card of that approximate value instead, you can pm your choice of a card that I can find on the market at or slightly below that value.

tuesday 04/11/2008

Mods please lock this thread...and if possible stick the other one?smiley

monday 03/11/2008

In the spanish forum we dont have this info... smiley
Garg is missing, someone has see him?

sunday 02/11/2008

Battles have already been arranged so no more players can be accepted

battles must be played in the room "free stuff under level 20" against your assigned opponents

Close this thread i am starting a new one


Close thread

Highest attack doesn't always win if you are in a room where random is activated, read the game's rules

All apply for my clan to get in tourny and join my private guild room at time from previous post and i will post the fixtures on this same day only a bit earlyer see ya

saturday 01/11/2008

Sorry to those who wanted an extension. I made the event inline with the Halloween so I ended it midnight here.

Congratulations to our winners:
1st: Elchew (Send me a card for 3150 and I will send it back to you)
2nd: Gcttirth (Send me a card for 1050 and I will send it back to you)
3rd: Ouc_mohamed (Erzsebet (C))

Watch out for my other events in the future. This event was my trial run for the new event tool. Thank you too all who participated.

Mermaid smiley

A bit too late DA

thursday 30/10/2008

Im on, i just always miss them.. XD

wednesday 29/10/2008

Im in if i'm able to

monday 27/10/2008

Ok is this sorted

Plz close have no more time to organize this

srry for all participants

sunday 26/10/2008

UpperClass is included Sonic. Our representatives are Chris, DarkAssault and Myself.


Wow... go storm... hen im in a bad mood i make my bestest deck and dominate (or at least try)smiley

saturday 25/10/2008

It looks like this has ended already when is the next tournament like this.

Darn it at least i got point i was so sure miss lulabee was next card
any one good job ppl

friday 24/10/2008

Sakrohm: Jesus Christ
Nightmare: Zombie Jesus (back from the dead...AGAIN!!!)
Sentinel: Detective Jesus
Rescue: Doc Christ
Bangers: O.G. Zuss (yo, yo, I'm col' crucify yo' ass!)
Pussycats: Mary Magdalene (she owns!)
Gheist: James Dobson (televangelist) of "Focus on the Family" (also, PURE EVIL!!!)
Junkz: DJ E-Z Jeez
Fang Pi: Kung Fu Jesus FIST

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