wednesday 10/09/2008

OH yeah btw its not "get a high amount of ELO points and participate" its get a high amount of elo points BY participating...the tourney is a week long and is judge acording to your points (which go up if you win and down if you lose)
there is also much more then that. For full rules look here:

tuesday 09/09/2008

Oh I forgot: @Akuaku WMD Uppers - Montana give you Ottavia, Mona and Rubie pretty quick. If you want Sharon too. So, upgrading it isn't too hard. But I agree, Zatman and Jackie and especially Vickie are quite expensive and take a while.

Anyways, thx again for the contest and gz to the winners.

monday 08/09/2008

My guild is the Sly Vagabonds ( ).
player: windir

22:55 have drew with 666-BELIAL, La Congrégation de l'Ombre (2-2)
Thursday 28/08, 17:47, Kenay La Congrégation de l'Ombre vs windir Sly Vagabonds (5-2). Kenay won
unfortunately I couldn't fight with Man In Motion ,but if it's possible I'll do it tomorrow

sunday 07/09/2008

When do you want to play me

I think he means 5000 Clintz, 1000 Clintz, etc. NOT 5000 cards... XD

Mods plz close.

Lol i would rather have 2nd prize

King onik ? or king smokey!

do smokey smiley

saturday 06/09/2008

64 people paying and the winner doesn't even get 5000 clintz... You get a profit of 30k clintz!
Get real... No one will play and honestly I'm amazed someone allowed this. Please close this mods.

Moderators, can u plz close this. smileysmiley

sorry guys
ill try and start a new, more orginized tourney

We want a guild war againts some 1 pm if ur guild wants to fight smiley

friday 05/09/2008

Sos close mod

No tricks or Cr cards

just a bunch of 2 and 3 star cards that can take down 5* cards in T2

that's basically the secret... and of course fast play and fast playing opponents

that's all there is to winning a DT

tuesday 02/09/2008

Okay thanks guys please close thanks again for all the help

10 messages

I love stewie.. but I think he's gay, hehe! smiley

monday 01/09/2008

Hello all

I know that some of you have problem to get in touch with their opponents.

If you need a translation :
- in french --> ask me (I could also help you a bit with italian)
- in spanish --> ask Garg

If you opponents
- never answer to your messages,
- refuse to fight,
- is not in the opponent guild anymore
- is definitely ban
- or anything than makes the battle impossible
explain it here :

Thank you


What happens if our last member doesn't battle ?
we have 36 life gap do we lose ?
(EX-ZOTIC EVO isn't that active anymore because of school)

sunday 31/08/2008


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