sunday 28/09/2008

Hehehe so it was true and I was the only draw, I feel special smiley smiley

eh next time I will win! (or lose smiley )

I'm confused is this something an individual event? or is it a guild event?

saturday 27/09/2008

Does that mean we get 72 pts?

friday 26/09/2008

Ok mods now you can close this subject!smiley

thursday 25/09/2008

Same msg me

Panel 1: A long panel. Both men enter the now packed dining hall. Oscar (U) (U) performs on stage doing his best James Brown as he sings. Luis (C) (C) looks a little unsure as to why they are here of all places.

Ocsar: (Singing) A man gets lonely working hard on the road. Away from his woman, it’s a heavy load.

Luis (C) (C): So what are we doing here?

Coby (U) (U): Just getting an after-work bite to eat. With all I’ve heard, why let something as trivial as clan rivalries get in the way of good eating?

Panel 2: Luis (C) (C) looks at him with a sly smile as Coby (U) (U) struggles a bit when the busier greats him.

Busier: Hello there Mr. Glover.

Coby (U) (U): Ok, maybe once or twice.

Panel 3: As they arrive at their table not far from the busier’s stand, a waitress with pigtails fails to notice Coby (U) (U) signaling her to keep quiet as she glomps him.

Waitress: Coby (U) (U)! How’s my favorite, most glompable customer today?

Coby (U) (U): Fine.

Panel 5: The waitress happily walks off with their order as Coby (U) (U) grudgingly admits everything as the two of them sit down. Luis (C) (C) is fairly amused by all of this.

Waitress: I’ll go have the chief make some Montana Burgers for you and your friend.

Coby (U) (U): Alright. Ever since my wife and kid became vegetarians, I’ve had to suffer. Not that Danni is a bad cook, but there’s only so much tofu I can take.

Luis (C) (C): And nothing else?

Coby (U) (U): Nothing else.
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Thursday 11/

tuesday 23/09/2008

Ok 1 person plz close

@ RavikeshPreetikaNair - I am very interested in where the prizes are coming from for your tournament. Your collection doesn't reflect your stated prizes...
If I don't hear anything, I will close this thread.

sunday 21/09/2008

Oh i posted it but...

Topic 2 is now closed Entry fee will 1000

I will be opening yet another thread for regs.

Foul, clark and dragon please post the words 'im in' in the other post aswell.


Topic 4 is closed

We will play in danger zone

saturday 20/09/2008

1st Growing
2nd Chris
3rd Ciop

Now time to give the prize... smiley
Mod u may close this...

What are the prizes and entry fees etc?

friday 19/09/2008

Erm so you make a profit - good one

Tourney has ended I'll just wait for FireLizSword's PM now..thank you all and see you in the next Open Casket Event..smiley

You can COUNT
i obv cant

winner :

Oh, I understand now, teehee... XD

Thanks for the explanation... smiley

wednesday 17/09/2008

smileyfrate , vz ca nimeni nu o sa intre cu asa taxa, pina si turneele franceze(cele mai bune) au taxa de 2k si 3k smiley

tuesday 16/09/2008

Ok . No clan baned . At final round and special round .

sunday 14/09/2008

For GMT +5, Elo stops from 18 PM to 22PM

You are accepted .

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