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thursday 04/12/2008

Event's end smiley

wednesday 03/12/2008

Slowly getting there, so far looks good! Sorry if things are going slowly but the sooner we get more people the sooner we can get started! smiley

Would like to hear from players who reads this, why they wouldnt want to join aswell! smiley

tuesday 02/12/2008

- low damagers


fee: 400

No Freaks and other poisoners nor healers
No SOA and SOB clans nor cards
No Pussycats (other reducers allowed)
only cards with max 3 damage (including ability and bonus)
min. 30 stars deck

7/12 - 21/12


Nobody wants the cake?

monday 01/12/2008

You have every change to play mphdragon. That's something you can ALWAYS do in UR is play. You don't have to wait for tournaments, or events. You can, at any time, go into a room and just play.

Slight Change In Rules . See It !! smiley

15 messages

End of this tournament.

I had to take a difficult decision about this tournament. Some of you played in a pretty unfair way and I've seen some insults here.
That's why I decided to disqualified two players of the top 3 according to proof I've found of obvious cheating and insults. This behaviour in an event is really disappointing and unfair to others.

Let's see our winners :
Tanto89 , spagr and Gumbo123 have won a Shawoman Cr
Congratulations !!

Just a few days left to sign up! You know you want in!

Cmon people. there are 9 players already. 7 more slots to go.

the pot is already @ 7200 (less 5%). smiley

no expensive cards needed to play.

I was thinking about create with 2 abilty!They Would be called the Betrayers and every of this cards will bring out every single clan forte lik,
Sakrohm,they are known for their dmg minusing.
Prianas known for their adding and minusin of pillz.
All Stars known for its power hunger.
Bangers known for its High Power and Dmg.
Fang Pi Clang known for its Very High Dmg
Freaks known for its Average Power and Dmg also known for its poisen
Ghiest known for its average power and dmg,SOA
Junks known for its Powerful Power
La Junta known for its Powerful Power
Monatana known for its High Power and Dmg
Nightmare known for being expensive and equally worth for being expensive
Pussycats known for its hot chicks and average stats
Rescuers known for its <<support>> abiltity and life adding
Roots known for being banned in elo and its SOA
Sentinals known for its Powerful Power
Ulu Watu known for its Power Hunger
Uppers known for its Attack hunger
LEADERS known to be Leaders
Hahas got all the clans forte according to this charts we could make cards according to this and the first ablilty of betrayers can be stop with SOA the 2nd one can't be stop and their bonus would be Support:+2attack because of its two abilty the bonus can't be strong and if i were urban rivals i would disable the purchase of this clan through shop and is gettable through daily tournaments and elo tournaments and survival

saturday 29/11/2008

No answers to this? I just want to know if this issue is being looked into by the devs?

wednesday 26/11/2008

Remember to get your week 2 games in by friday and to sign up for your week 3 games

monday 24/11/2008

Umm, registration is still open smiley

Up 2 more people and i`ll start

One week remaining for registration
i would like to start battles december 1st

Two things:
1. You can send me a list of cards instead of a preset if you want to enter.
2. New Prizes:
1st place: 100 clintz times the number of entrants minus 50 clintz if there are over ten entrans OR a card of equal value.
2nd place: 40 clintz times the number of entrants minus 20 if there are over ten entrants OR a card of equal value.
3rd place: 10 clintz times the number of entrants.

the prizes increased for first and second place. i might decide to increase the third place prize later. All the other rules stay
the same.

1) Brutox from GHEIST
2) there are 4 collectors present
3) 14 if leaders are counted
4) Level 60
5) 7 English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch
6) Yes and No
7) March 26 , 2008
smiley you can see 150 scores in the Daily Tournament History
9) 18
10) the answers is: 27 - 5 = 22

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