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sunday 16/11/2008

If you are pretty confident of your skills when it comes to elo. Join this event deleted

Entry fee: 1k

50 % of all the entrance fee - 1st place (player with the highest points at the end of 1 week)
25% of all the entrance fee - 2nd place (player with the 2nd highest points at the end of 1 week)
10% of all the entrance fee- 3rd place (player with the 3rd highest points at the end of 1 week)
10 % of all the entrance fee - Creator's share
5% of all the entrance fee - Kate's share

- ELO mode and format
- Min level 15
- 1 week event ( start 24/11/08 - 30/11/08 )
- 1 week registration ( 16/11/08 - 23/11/08 )

Good luck!


I only have about 160

Poo i am only lv10

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How to make an event please tell me

saturday 15/11/2008

Close this thtread



shut down

close thred


friday 14/11/2008


Here you can play OLD with another people from the world. You must pass over here if you like OLD. Everyday the faceoffs are renewing. So you can play unlimited


Im in already. Join people this is a low price torny and you could win!

thursday 13/11/2008

Ill join , when more people do atleast 10

I will pay 200 clintz if u are still doin them

I couldn't get 16 players in over a week, so I deleted the event and refunded the entry fees. This thread should be closed.

Event cancelled.
I may retry later with better prizes.
Sorry for cluttering the board.

Come on people

Whats the price to enter if nothing im in

wednesday 12/11/2008

Mod close this thanks u all for participating

monday 10/11/2008

smiley good luck CaULI smiley

¤ G T M ¤ Grand Theft of the Murderers
Some personality alarm clock one morning in the various alleys of a city which their is unknown: Clint City. GPS in the hand they have to fight between them to get back their freedom. Kidnapped by mystic member of the Terrorist Group Pantheon (GTP), they will have no choice … Obey the order: ¤ find and kill ¤, if they wish to survive the slaughter who wait for them because nobody will let them leave the GTM.

Jackpot 608000 Clintz

Number of participants prevus 128
8 Groupes
Rules : No card not to evolve
Two authorized clans
Fang Pi Clang
Collectors Cards authorized
Inscription 5000 clints

E V E N T : http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=555

sunday 09/11/2008

Holding elo tournament
best 2/3 battles goes on to next round till winner claims prize of clintz
Time to Test ur skills

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