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tuesday 19/08/2008

Did the elite team make it??

monday 18/08/2008

*50 clintz

saturday 16/08/2008

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This is the wrong place close this mods

friday 15/08/2008

@ Tankys: it was just an example smiley
i will be sending out the cards by today or tomorrow.

been really busy this week coz my exams.. smiley sorry for the delay.

thursday 14/08/2008

Im in ill set my hole guild on u "The Titanic Distroyer's Shall rain victorous

tuesday 12/08/2008

monday 11/08/2008

Close this, he isn't active for now.

This is long over someone close

He is lvl 14 with only 8 cards. Do you guys really believe he has 2 Crs? smiley this guy is clearly trying to scam everyone to get some clintz, i just don´t understand why these actions go unpunished?

sunday 10/08/2008

So TOA masta doesnt create pics e? smiley
i'd like the brothers from rescue with the sign of recue for background and at the middle bottom a text saying 'Rescue'
i hope u do create pics man

I suppose there's a chance he's sold almost everything he has in order to buy a complete new deck and then share the wealth. This does seem unlikely but hey, stranger things have happened at sea.

As for a deck, I'm currently going with
Edd, Mona, Ottavia, Prince Jr
Yayoi, Feelyn, Charlie, Wanda

Ok nobody in this thread has actually recieved a picture. I suggest this gets closed so nobody else wastes their time on it

friday 08/08/2008

Yeah i know but the person's ID that you get linked to is the admin who will be running the whole guild war royale

thursday 07/08/2008

In the Spanih forum its alredy closed this tourney, i dont think it´ll continue, sorry to the participants.

wednesday 06/08/2008

I know im a little late but can you make me one with... which ever montanas that will be cool with the like a sitdown happening in the backgroung with Montana Mob in the bottom...

I really want to ... but I don't play very often anymore, sent a PM to soliuz and waiting for him to set up a time and date.


Of course my guilt is going to do their best which is upper class what are the rules by the way

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