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tuesday 21/10/2008

We will play in danger zone It will be 600 clintz and the winner
Gets 5k 2knd will be 2k 3rd will be 1.25k and 4th will be 1k
It will be in danger zone.
Only 16 players Allowedbe quick Finishes at the 30 of october plz

Since no one has paid yet, I'd have to close this..
the tourney holder is joining the tourney and will be the one to post who fights who..it can create an advantage for the tourney holder, and disadvantages to the rest as the tourney holder can control the flow of matches..

sunday 19/10/2008

Wow what horrible prizes so let me get this straight you're taking in 8k and giving away 1.75 k in prizes and keeping 6.25k in profit and the person who wins second prize goes through the entire tourney just to get back their entry fee? and the person who WINS third prize loses money?

saturday 18/10/2008



friday 17/10/2008

thursday 16/10/2008

Ok close this plz mods we have a winner!!

UM_Leeroy won with his gues march 21 1996

my real birthday is 19th march 1996 very good guess!! i will sell the card to u for 50 clitz!

wednesday 15/10/2008

End of the third round smiley

tuesday 14/10/2008

Close this no one is going to enter

monday 13/10/2008

You can start a match at 16:58 and finish it at 17:00:01 and get the points though.

OHKO gives you the lowest amounts of BP gain.
Bp gain is depending on a few facors:
- result of the battle (you won with ko, so that is nice)
- rounds won (you won only 1 round, so that is low)
- level difference of the card Iif you win with a 2* over a 5* gives you way more points than the other way round.)
- remaining pills (during DT it is reduced)

To the exact numbers check here:http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=table

sunday 12/10/2008

Y is some players doing this

Oct 15 Regestering ends

I was one of those defeatedsmileysmileysmiley

I have yet to win. I'm hoping for some help with decks, but I don't know if this will still be going on by the time I get back. I have band competitions for 2 weeks and out of town with family week after that.

So can it still be going on November 8th?

saturday 11/10/2008

I lost again this week! I suck at this tourny!

friday 10/10/2008

Mods please close this thanks a lot
and mods can u msg me with hard questions and if this keeps going well i thinkit will last a long time .

plz close thanks againg

Look ive already sed im closing the subject but what is the point in doing a tourney where you dont make a profit. otherwise it just turns out to be a load of hard work for nothin. sure you will get more people signed up but you could end up making i loss. i challenge you to make a tourney capn because its a lot harder than you think and now your just wrecking everyones tournements

thursday 09/10/2008

That's all i did unless you wanted me to lower my star count? cuz i have all kinds of strong cards but i wouldnt ever combine em because pretty much it would be stupid cuz they all in different clans

and if i wanted to destroy you i would make star counts 100 and use my bangers/all stars/ La Junta deck but i polly wouldnt win due to the fact that 21 cards can be chosen and only 4 go into one game so yeah

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