saturday 14/06/2008

for the lottery holder..please return all the clintz to the participants involved..

friday 13/06/2008

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Lottery is cancelled Mods please close this thread

Umm ok i bought and sold

Nice find force enneth is gonna be getting the boot from silent angelzsmiley

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I think that win a tournament means "if you reached at last the 150 position" or better "if in a tournament you win something more than 50 clintz"...

Kk thanks
this thread can be closed now

Yeah bro 50k profit is super enough for this big lottery

K ryder II: Sorry, i forgot to respond to this... smiley I'm too lazy and it's too risky to make kolo's price any higher... XD


And now that I think about it, should I really change the ticket prices? As I said before, 4 tickets equals only 1 Kolos, so it is pretty fair... smiley As for the 80k profit, you actually didn't consider the large taxes for 3500 and if you buy multiple tickets (7000, 10500, big taxes...)...

Me point manma the letter

Even 50 ticekts at 500 it would be 25000 clintz in total almost 10k above profit

kolos at market price range about 13 -15 k

Im in
but shouldnt we only pick numbers from 1-17
or there will be a lot of carsds chosen that no1 has

thursday 12/06/2008

Modz please close this

Yeah, but I doubt that will happen.

Sorry i didnt mention how many tix.but i would need a few more.for this to happen

1 hit ko and 2 hit ko will net you more points a 2 hit nets around 20-22 with no pills left i think it was

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