sunday 06/07/2008

I made him one already.

saturday 05/07/2008

thursday 03/07/2008

Ill say when theres enough players and when the deadline is

Cut him some slack it's probably his first time.

Lol 5k each player i would love, i might get my guild embers into this 1.

wednesday 02/07/2008

Mods please close this ( lack of participation)
and i did not take the entry fees

tuesday 01/07/2008

Im sorry i will do the same tour in about two weeks time can a mod please close this subject

Ill go team 4

monday 30/06/2008

What is a ko tounament?

sunday 29/06/2008

hot 98 messages

If a hot dog vs a hamburger i believe that cholesterol will win smiley

thursday 26/06/2008

@ sth..don't sell him a card..he won't be able to return it, he can't sell..
@ Martin..subject closed..

wednesday 25/06/2008

Same here bad rules

Sorry for got to close it
hey join my other tourney

tuesday 24/06/2008

sunday 22/06/2008


is in

friday 20/06/2008

The best tournaments out there are those who doesn't make profit for their ownselves,big prizes,big players,flawless rules and inscription sometimes,here are the best examples ever made in this forums: by 0-FS by chikko-cr by mac-leod

I think you can ask those people if you like making onesmiley

I'm in!

U should make a second prize, and ur gettin like 5000 profit off this...

thursday 19/06/2008

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