saturday 03/05/2008

Regis end at .....25/5/08 =.=

friday 02/05/2008

You don't. Only Mods and Admins can do that.

We can also close dead threads. Like this one.

Sorry to those who showed interest, but I'm still far short of what I was trying for, and I'm not going to be on very often for the next few weeks. I'm going to try to find a better way to invest with my cards, and will still be trying to hold some smaller events sometime in the near future.

Mods can close this thread, please!

Im in and when do it start

thursday 01/05/2008

Good answer WD

wednesday 30/04/2008

Excuse me i wanted to write intend to insult any one.this was made by mistakesmileysmileysmiley

No worries was just kinda wondering since i had head anything from anyone for ages about it

Subject is closed i am going to make a new tourney

tuesday 29/04/2008

I'm canceling this if you want to join a guild war look on my newer thread:
Guild War American Made Guilds only

I'm sorry I didn't even realize this was still happening.

Did Llyold Irving change his/her name? smiley

Mods please close

monday 28/04/2008

Y no uppers or rescue?

Today at 18:13 beat 3M dl_neacsu (7-0) - you received : 15 points and 7 clintz
Today at 18:07 crushed 3M dl_neacsu (12-0) - you received : 20 points and 9 clintz
Today at 18:02 beat 3M dl_neacsu (6-0) - you received : 20 points and 7 clintz
Today at 17:50 crushed 3M dl_neacsu (12-0) - you received : 19 points and 9 clintz <----- he uses the wrong deck so dont count this


sunday 27/04/2008

Registation is closed smiley here is the bracket

Tournaments Cancelled (Mods please Close)

saturday 26/04/2008

We will put in me and someone else

friday 25/04/2008

Sold the cards on the market then, no one was joining.smiley

This tournament is no the official one so if a mod can delete it that would be great!

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