thursday 08/05/2008

I give up

sorry to all who replyed
i'm really am

i guess these sorts of things aren't that popular
well, at least i contributed to the pool of knowledge

mods, please lock this threaad

So it gets harder and harder to find people to battle
Example if you have a score of 600 you have to find someone under 750 it gets harder
anyway its just for fun and prizes

Ok, apparently every one has lost interest.

MODS - please close

wednesday 07/05/2008

Things are k admin..please close this...thank you

tuesday 06/05/2008

So, it's been two weeks since the matchups were announced. Don't you think it's time to start dq'ing the non-responsives, or at the very least, announce a deadline/ some consequences for the unplayed games?


Thats too low......

2nd prize:1k to 2k card
3rd prize:Your Na Boh

how 'bout that?

monday 05/05/2008

Please Close this

IM in + my 6 other adminz probz smiley

Well the prize is double your entry Fee so how bout i change the rules a little bit. You decide how much you want to put up and I will double it if you win.

sunday 04/05/2008

Well there has been zero interest in this so far, consider it off. please close

saturday 03/05/2008

When I said "doesn't mean that they should be cut from the rest of the UR world":

I meant to say that people should not be deprived of equality..cutting out certain players' rights for equality among other players to the game is almost the same as cutting them out from the rest of UR..because they will almost feel left out and isolated as compared to other UR players..

Ok, It has benn decided.
This will be recreated.
Delete pls

Regis end at .....25/5/08 =.=

friday 02/05/2008

You don't. Only Mods and Admins can do that.

We can also close dead threads. Like this one.

Sorry to those who showed interest, but I'm still far short of what I was trying for, and I'm not going to be on very often for the next few weeks. I'm going to try to find a better way to invest with my cards, and will still be trying to hold some smaller events sometime in the near future.

Mods can close this thread, please!

Im in and when do it start

thursday 01/05/2008

Good answer WD

wednesday 30/04/2008

Excuse me i wanted to write intend to insult any one.this was made by mistakesmileysmileysmiley

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