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tuesday 08/11/2016

monday 07/11/2016

*Check the description of the lottery before entering if you want more info, its only a 100cz entry fee!*

sunday 06/11/2016

If true then I screwed some guy over horribly and there's a hacker loose.

IF, that's true. Regardless there was a dodgy website so what I did was reasonable?

Result :

Number 54 and 35 won, check your private sells for your Zatman Cr smiley .

thursday 03/11/2016


sunday 30/10/2016

Bump, starts in 24h, places left

saturday 29/10/2016

Exe dee


Only if 1500 people join within 24 hours! GO GO GO!


friday 28/10/2016

thursday 27/10/2016

tuesday 25/10/2016

monday 24/10/2016

Thank you smiley

sunday 23/10/2016

Lottery taking place in 19 hours!

thursday 20/10/2016

Okay no one is responding I'm going to close this thread and try again at a different time

I haven't made any events before so I don't know if it is fair or not but hope I can get some participation note I will be giving clues at the top of each hour until the contest auction ends

wednesday 19/10/2016

Guys for inactive events you need to contact support, they will delete the event or do anything that they deem is necessary. If you want the event to continue, contact a member of the event team and see if they are okay with continuing it. smiley

edited by Infiniti wednesday 19/10/2016, 23:09

tuesday 18/10/2016

I'll do my best, I'm getting a new proper laptop to do my work so may be completely inactive for a bit but ill still give rewards out...

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