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thursday 22/05/2008

Locked by request of thread creator.

wednesday 21/05/2008

tuesday 20/05/2008

There will be a tournament again, just watch the forum, I try to get the best time so america and europe can join

Mods close no interest

Please close. I screwed up the math.... I will repost this in a minute.

monday 19/05/2008

Wrong forum Milk101

sunday 18/05/2008

To prove his kenny
try to see his preset mobsters from hell

saturday 17/05/2008

Mods please close

Are you joining?

Hey whats up if this kicks off ill buy some but ill wait

Mods please close i will refund every body

I`ll buy 10 tickets

friday 16/05/2008

Beowulf 53 is in to he will take one ticket

Hey this looks exactly like mine i wonder????????smiley
I don't care whether anybody copys my threadsmiley

Please close this the tourney will not continue because I only have 5 people. At this rate it could take months for the tourney to begin. I gave back cards to the people. If I missed you (very sure i didn't. Checked Purchase history) pm me

thursday 15/05/2008

Mods please close not enough interest mr king and falvern your card is in your privates

Please close this mods...

Yes, one person can be in 4 teams

tuesday 13/05/2008

Hey Ibko you should do this "giveaway" thing in your guild too.smiley

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