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sunday 27/04/2008

Registation is closed smiley here is the bracket http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=275443

Tournaments Cancelled (Mods please Close)

saturday 26/04/2008

We will put in me and someone else

friday 25/04/2008

Sold the cards on the market then, no one was joining.smiley

This tournament is no the official one so if a mod can delete it that would be great!

The average women has 37 kids?

...now i need to figure out how to give SAW 2k..


wednesday 23/04/2008

I wanna join but dont know howsmiley plz cani i may b smiley but i wanna joinsmiley

Srry close this

Tanto wins again?! cant beleive his luck T_T

So close T_T

Battle with about 3 mins to gotill a tourny

tuesday 22/04/2008

monday 21/04/2008

Ok tourny starts now
o if noone turns up to a battle the forefeight

sunday 20/04/2008

K...I see the "close this plz"..sorry

I'm in..send me a private message when you need the tax entry and make some solid rules......

Madness be carefull....

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