wednesday 27/02/2008

Oh well... lol just cancel the whole thing. The guild thing was just an easier way to prevent cheating and to know who was playing. Wish I could do it smiley but seems no one is answering. Besides sold the cards and don't feel like buying them again to pay the winning fee.

tuesday 26/02/2008

Delete this topic please smiley

It's very frequent that some players buy up a lot of one card and go level them up. The price should drop back down eventually so long as people don't keep buying them at 5k. With Striker it's hard to tell

monday 25/02/2008

Damn multi tab pages lolz i was looking for this damn post and gave up and remade lolz

admin or mod you can close this subject here in this tread lolz smiley

sunday 24/02/2008

Cheese: As far as I know there will be 3 total grand prizes awarded. 1 for each category.

Ouc_Pien: The French are no different than any other player. I have beaten and been beaten by many French Players. If you're good, you're good. Nationality has nothing to do with it.


If you time out, they will cut 10 points

saturday 23/02/2008

Umm.... where's the card?

Please close the topic smiley

friday 22/02/2008

Thanks for a gd tourney everyone


thursday 21/02/2008


- Vennominaga

Let this drop off the page and I'll start the first contest in a new post.
Anyone that Want to answer the poll and get there two cants in on the fee or whatever. Message me with your answers and whatever other input you want add.
Every bit of information helps. smiley

wednesday 20/02/2008

Hey no harm to you sick guys but.............
just coz you are sick you cant ask for cards.......
well you can like but when im sick i dnt ask for cards i still try my best smiley
smileyand asking for a cr is talking the cake like........thats well over boredsmiley
well i dont like the idea but good luck anywayzsmiley


1) i think this should've gone under the deck helping message boards lol,,,,
2) r u tryin to build an elo deck?,,,cuz there's a couple of elo banned cards,,,,,
3) easiest way to go is rescue lol,,,everyone's doing it! lol,,,

monday 18/02/2008


go to that address if u wanna know more about tornoments

I almost got the whole rescue deck

sunday 17/02/2008

Count me in, sell me a card for 700 clintz and I will sell it back for 50 clintz smiley

Yup he is.. smiley i got very lucky to win over him

saturday 16/02/2008

Mods close this pleasesmiley

thursday 14/02/2008

Thanks, I'll try to make 1 right now

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