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monday 24/03/2008

Plz tell me died soul is right

sunday 23/03/2008


so 0-JP, Breakpoint, 0-FS, SS Ryuk- EVO, Capn Clintz are you guys in?

Since no one has emailed me any results or anything about their matches everyone is DQed and im not holding any tourneys sorry but its really hard when no one emails you results or even battles

Thanks darkeagle.. smiley

saturday 22/03/2008

Mod please close this thread, soliuz already said that this tournament will not continue

thursday 20/03/2008

Mono for Morroco
1- hebi sasukevo
2- Adilbig2
3- -_Soufiane_-
4- K1llaSe

Nefram cna you make your own original card. That would be awesome.

wednesday 19/03/2008

When does this start?

monday 17/03/2008

I think next time you do this, instead of it being first come, first serve, you should set a start time for answers(However, i believe people would fail to read that, and instead just answer immediately anyway.

a start time, as in ask the questions, and set the date to be something like Wednesday, 12:00pm GM -5

i think it'd be interesting, because then it'd be a race with a start time, instead of a just happened to be passing by when...

Good questions though, i found them rather amusing.

sunday 16/03/2008

Thanks for the cards smiley

friday 14/03/2008

23 messages

Grow up, eat some cereals...
you're pathetic...

thursday 13/03/2008

Its a long story

tuesday 11/03/2008

I think luck is ok but there could be on tournament with no random

sunday 09/03/2008

We are sending rares to the 4 who played if we lose im pretty sure no1 wants to post their cr as prizes because of how much they cost they will be 4 random rares as well the challenger should match us and put 4 random rares as prizes

you can now close this subject!smileysmiley

Every 2 weeks on friday

26 messages

How much clintz you will get???smiley

saturday 08/03/2008

Send it to me! send me the number dont post it on here

thursday 06/03/2008

Sorry to everyone, I almost forgot about his until Girl bumped it... XD

And, I think I will have to scrap this, it didn't turn out as successful with me lacking to do my end of the stick... smiley

Good thing I didn't take any fees yet... smiley

So Mods, please lock...

But, I think maybe in the future someone else can host another one... You may take the rules template and such by PMing me if you yourself want to host one, I would love to be in help of spreading the love of UR... smiley

Thanks to everyone anyways for the support! smiley

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