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sunday 20/04/2008

Madness be carefull....

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saturday 19/04/2008

I want to hold one but i dont know how

friday 18/04/2008

Noon Steevens

thursday 17/04/2008

Im also holding 1 itz called all clan tourney! all u gotta do iz follow da rulez or make up ur own 4 ur own tourney or raffle or sumtin like datsmiley

Close this plz

wednesday 16/04/2008

tuesday 15/04/2008


monday 14/04/2008

Raven im refunding him now


Mods, please close this. The prizes have been distributed and the event is oversmiley

saturday 12/04/2008


Sorry rong room.plz close this

Close please

thursday 10/04/2008

Close this plz i already got my wrighters

Sorry for not mentioning how many players needed definately more than one,at least 15..dont think its gonna happen..Ryuk i respect your suggestion but dont think 800 for a 12k+ kolos is fair..besides i also have another raffle going on that has three cards..for less clintz,so i figured 800 for 1 out of 15-20 chance for kolos aint bad.. at least thats what i figuredsmiley

wednesday 09/04/2008

This subject has nothing to do here. I'll answer it anyway, to put an end to this nonsense

no1. I might be considered one of the "lucky" players because I've won 5-6 cr I think, one time kiki cr and dj korr 2 weeks in a row, but if you actually consider that I've made it into 50-60 elo top 25 that's not so "lucky" after all (@ SS - Ryuk, I never changed my flag to france, lol - it seems that the nonsense never stops)

no2. I can assure you that the distribution of collectors in elo is fully random, it would be pretty idiotic to have someone awake monday at 3.a.m (when the results are sent) to decide who gets the collectors.

no3. the RAU guild is maybe the best elo guild, it's an 100% elo guild formed by the greatest 2 elo guilds that were out there (which probably few of you remember) - the Simpson Gang formed by karon and the Kidnapping formed by Drone - one of the best elo players. If you consider that many times they have 10-15 players (good and fair players) in top 100 it's not that "lucky" for them to win many cr's.

@SS - Ryuk - I don't really remember many times when you were in the top 25 or top 100 but I do remember many times when you got into trouble for insulting, flaming, threating players, talking through a secondary account while under blacklist etc.
So please try do something constructive instead of looking for conspiracies.

Lock this topic, please. =[

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